WebRTC Technology


  • Use any device

  • From any web browser, smartphone or tablet

  • No need for IP phones or other additional purchases


The new VoIP




  • Your call center agents…

  • Your phone extensions…

  • Your phone lines…


Available everywhere

A global service


  • Reach clients all over the world thanks to…

  • Local phone numbers from any country

  • Click to Call buttons on your webstie or app


Any place, any time

Everything in the cloud


  • Your call center agents…

  • Your phone extensions…

  • Your phone lines…


Everywhere you go


Tecnología WebRTC


  • Desde cualquier dispositivo

  • Navegador, smartphone o tablet

  • Sin teléfonos IP ni inversión

La nueva telefonía VoIP




  • Los agentes de tu call center…

  • Las extensiones de tu centralita…

  • Tus líneas telefónicas…

En cualquier lugar


Un servicio mundial


  • Llega a clientes de cualquier lugar del mundo gracias a…

  • Números de teléfono locales de cualquier país

  • Botones en tu página web o App

Para tu multinacional


Todo en la nube


  • Funcionalidades avanzadas

  • Informes de llamadas y atención

  • Grabaciones y transcripciones

Control de tu telefonía

Discover our solutions:


Virtual PBX

Your business communications, all in the cloud

The most reliable virtual PBX phone network. Thanks to innovative WebRTC technology, you may now communicate with your clients and team members through voice calls, video conferences and chat.


Call Center Software

Customer service in the cloud

Offer customer service from any location in the world using any internet-connected device. Take advantage of your Call Center with all the benefits of WebRTC technology.

No investments, no permanent contracts

 Integrate your communications through voice, video, and chat

Virtual Phone Numbers

Choose local phone numbers from your city or choose virtual phone numbers from other countries to internationalize your business.

Call button on your website or app

Include a “click to speak” button on your website or app. Your clients will be able to call you for free from anywhere in the world.

Video conferencing

Create video conferences with your team members or potential clients. Share your screen, record your sessions… no downloads or installations are necessary!


Integrate a WhatsApp API with your business communication tools to easily attend to your clients. Make calls or send messages on-the-go.

A flexible solution that adapts to your business needs

Add value to your business communications with Fonvirtual


Gain maximum efficiency by integrating Fonvirtual to your CRM tool in order to centralize your business and client data.


Video conferencing

Create and join meetings using cloud-based online video conferencing. No need for any downloads or installations. Use any device from any location.

Corporate Chat

Improve your internal business communication by using a corporate chat. Users may interact with each other and create groups.

Pay with card

Manage payments through your virtual PBX thanks to the secure PCI-certified telephone card payment system.




Manage your calls efficiently in order to transfer your calls to the best available agent, anytime and anywhere.


Monitor your business communications in real-time. Listen to calls, call whisper, three way calling and more. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Impliment Artificial Intelligence solutions to improve the efficiency and management of your business communications. 


Manage office hours

Use our services to control your staff member’s office hours and comply with local and national labor laws.

Just one step away

What’s the difference between Fonvirtual and everyone else?


It's not IP, it's WebRTC

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  • Our WebRTC lines is the new generation of VoIP. There’s no need for installations or buying additional equipment.
  • A simple connection to any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) will allow you to login to our website. All you need is a headset if you decide to make calls using your computer, or you can download our app to make and receive calls from your cell phone or tablet.
  • WebRTC continues to be the the newest form of IP technology and knocks everything else out of the park. You will never have to worry about static, dropped calls or having to purchase new equipment again.
  • Uses HD audio and video. The quality adapts to your available bandwidth. 
  • WebRTC encrypts all communications so no one may listen in without consent. 

A tailor-made service

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  • We offer a personalized estimate before you sign any contracts. We look for the best possible confgurations that would fit your business needs.
  • Configure and reconfigure your services as many times as you need. We will continuously review your feedback to ensure you are receiving the best possible services offered by Fonvirtual.
  • Our services are extremely flexible. Add or eliminate extensions to your virtual PBX phone service. Add or eliminate agents to your call center, or phone numbers based on your business needs. 
  • We offer all forms of customer service completely free: Call us at +34 914 891 046, send us an email to sales@fonvirtual.com, fill out our Contact Us form or call us by clicking the phone button on the bottom right of this page!

No permanent contracts

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  •  All services offered by Fonvirtual have no permanent contracts. You can sign up for any service at any time and see what works best for your business. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel the service at any time. 
  • The only requirement is giving us a two weeks notice before cancelling a service.
  • We won’t require you to pay for services you no longer use like the others.

You speak, we listen.