Virtual PBX


  • Your virtual PBX from  17.90 €/month

  • Make and receive calls on your computer, on your cell phone or on a tablet

  • All the features you need


Virtual phone number


  • Virtual phone numbers from 24,90 €/month

  • Make and receive calls on any device via WebRTC.

  • Smart phone numbers

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Virtual PBX

New number or number portability

If you already have a business contact phone number, we will ensure the number portability. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with a new one for free.

Free call forwarding to landlines, cell phones and WebRTC extensions.

We provide you with everything. If you already own phone lines, we will forward calls to your landlines and cell phones, from any phone provider, free and with unlimited minutes. We will also provide you with WebRTC extensions in case you want to make and receive calls on your computer, cell phone (app) or even on a tablet.

With all the features you need.

Our virtual PBX offers you all the features you can imagine. You won’t have to pay more for them. It is all included.

Virtual phone number

A virtual phone number from any place.

The virtual phone numbers are exactly the same as any other ordinary phone number. Sign for a new phone number from your State or make your current phone number virtual.

Receive and make calls from cell phones, landlines and WebRTC

The incoming calls of your virtual phone number will be forwarded to other landlines, cell phones or even WebRTC.

They are smart numbers

The virtual numbers also come with features that will add value to your numbers: schedules, voicemails, custom main greetings, call recording, statistics…

Numéro virtuel

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What makes Fonvirtual different from the others?


Customize service

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  • We provide an exclusive and personalized guidance before you sign for any service. We are looking for the exact setting up of your business.
  • Set up and re set up your service as many times as you want. We will continously doing a follow up of your service so you can get the best of Fonvirtual at every moment.
  • We provide customer call service for free: call us (646)-626-5546, write us an email or fill in our contact form. You can also talk to us in our live chat.

It is not IP, it is WebRTC

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  • The WebRTC maintain all the advantages of VoIP and eliminate all its shortfalls: equipment purchase, unstable connection and bad audio quality.
  • Our WebRTC lines are the new Voice over IP generation. You won’t have to install anything, invest in equipment or neither special devices.
  • A simple connection to the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) will be enough to log in our website. You will only need a set of headphones with a mic if you use it on the computer, or downloading our app so you can use it on your cell phone or tablet as well.

No term contract

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  • None of the Fonvirtual services has term contract, so you will be able to sign for the service that best suits your business needs. You will be free to end with the service and the contract easily in case you don’t need the services anymore.
  • What can you expect of a company that makes you pay even when you don’t want its services anymore?