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WebRTC: Changing VoIP Services For Business

Since the creation of an improved telephone network such as WebRTC, people often question how it is any different from regular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone lines. VoIP services for business has been available for quite some time, which has solves issues...

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Cloud PBX Features for Real Estate Agencies

  At any given time of year, you will always find houses or apartments that are available, regardless of the duration of rental. Most of the time, people may move due to professional reasons, or possibly for personal reasons such as a divorce. Sometimes, someone...

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How To: Steps for a Successful Virtual PBX Login

A virtual PBX login phone system can now be seen as a fundamental tool when it comes to business communication from any location in the world. This sort of telephone network is virtual for a reason. Although it works with existing landlines and other business phones,...

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Companies that Need an International Virtual PBX

The importance of information among employees of a company Whether it is a family business, a private business or a global company, communication is key. For everything to be done efficiently and quickly, everyone must know what their job tasks are, when to do them,...

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What is CTI in an Online Call Center Software?

  An online call center software needs a CTI, otherwise known as computer telephony integration, in order to manage phone calls online through a computer.   What is the Role of the CTI in an Online Call Center Software?   A CTI is dedicated to managing...

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