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Access Your IP PBX Phone System Through an App

IP PBX phone system is a communication system used in companies. This system manages calls made to the business phone line or to an extension. The IP PBX phone system not only manages calls outside of the organization, but it also makes internal calls easier. Thanks...

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How to Make International Calls

International Calling Codes   Ever wonder how to make international calls? International calling codes are numbers that must be dialed before initiating a call with someone who is located in a different country. How do you dial a country code?: How to Make...

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Call Center Features That Will Help Improve Your Business

  Different call center features can be found in most customer service departments. In order for companies to maintain communication with their customers, they typically have a customer service center or a call center. By speaking with customers directly, you ...

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Pay Over the Phone: A Business Advantage

  If you were previously unaware that you could pay over the phone, we recommend following the next few steps. This will help improve how your company collects payments from customers. Prepare for any type of situation. Before making a connection with your...

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What Exactly is PBX Hosting?

PBX hosting, also known as a Private Branch Exchange, is a phone network hosted through a PSTN or an internet service. These internet services include IP PBX or VoIP. This manages internal and external calls independently. This type of service is normally deployed in...

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Why an Internal Call Center is Better Than Outsourcing

When you first create a call center for your business, you will have to invest in an internal call center software or phone system. Or, you can choose to outsource and hire a call center somewhere else. Regardless of where you decide to have a call center, you will be...

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