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Solve New Challenges With the Digital Contact Center

Companies have entered the era of digital transformation to meet the demands and expectations of their customers. Now, you won't have to go into an office and wait in line to ask any questions or make a complaint thanks to the digital contact center. A number of...

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Secure Transactions: Give Your Credit Card Number by Phone

When you first sign up with a new internet service provider, you likely have to give your credit card details over the phone or through their website. Being able to give your credit card number by phone allows you to make transactions from the comfort of your home or...

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The Phone Call Button: Make Calls Online

Today, a simple tap on your cell phone screen or a click on your computer can put you in direct contact with someone on the other line. This is how a phone call button works. It puts you in contact with someone despite how distant you may be. For businesses, a phone...

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Fax Online: New form of Fax for the Self-Employed

Ways to work has been reinvented by technology. Today, not everyone dreams of your typical 9-5 desk job. Many professionals have decided to go their own way with freelance work. This is where fax online comes into play.   In order to keep organized, either from...

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