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Publish: Wednesday, Jul 06
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In an increasingly competitive market, innovating and differentiating oneself from the competition is what determines a company’s success. After all, generating user-centred experiences is what, at the end of the day, encourages users to become customers or not.

That is why more and more companies are focusing all their efforts on improving the usability and user experience on their website, ensuring that all points of contact between the customer and the company have the same level of quality and personalisation.

Thus, companies such as the spanish companies Alcampo and DKV or Snaptravel have already started to implement actions such as implementing a web chat, offering customer service through instant messaging applications or using a chatbot to solve users’ doubts at any time.

In today’s article, we want you to know some examples of these companies focused on offering a good digital customer experience. Keep reading!

What is digital customer experience?

Before we start with the examples, you probably already know what customer experience is. But what about digital customer experience?

In general terms, digital customer experience, also known as digital customer experience, refers to the optimisation of interactions with users through digital channels (such as, for example, a website or an instant messaging application), so that the impression the customer gets of our company is positive.

In this sense, we must bear in mind that the process of improving the digital customer experience encompasses different strategies, channels and tools. Thus, normally, the digital customer experience is considered positive when the set of interactions between the user and the company have been satisfactory, that is, when the process has been simple and uncomplicated. Otherwise, it is likely that the customer will not end up completing the purchase process.

3 companies focused on offering a good digital customer experience

As we said, the digital customer experience encompasses a series of elements that ensure that the customer’s journey is satisfactory in any interaction with our company. Precisely one of these elements is the communication channels that we make available to them.

Thus, the way in which many companies have improved the customer’s digital experience is to stop offering exclusively a telephone number as a form of contact and to provide other online communication channels.

Below, in Fonvirtual we have prepared a list of 3 companies in which offering different communication channels has become the key to offer a good digital customer experience:


With the arrival of the pandemic, the supermarket chain wanted to make it easier for customers by allowing them to make their purchases, not only through its online shop, but also directly via WhatsApp.

Initially, this incorporation was carried out with the aim of facilitating the purchase of household appliances and technology products, and only for some supermarkets in Madrid and Barcelona. However, it is now possible to carry out this process for products of any category (other than food) and in all its Spanish establishments. With this action, Alcampo facilitates the purchase of these products and provides them with the best digital customer experience through a convenient and fast way for them.

By saving the number of the supermarket where they wish to shop, customers can choose to chat, make a voice call or video call. In any case, they will receive personalised advice from a specialist, who will provide them with tips, videos and product images.

Without a doubt, the support that the supermarket chain offers its customers is a great example of a good digital customer experience. Customers are attended in real time, which will ensure not only that the product will meet their expectations, but also that the image they receive of our company will be very positive.


This hotel booking service that uses Artificial Intelligence to search and compare offers and thus provide the best alternatives to customers, decided to make the leap to WhatsApp to improve usability and user experience. 

Snaptravel allows customers to consult and book a hotel through the app, without having to leave the existing conversation or start a new one. The user simply has to send a message with the city they are going to visit, the dates they are going to visit and their preferences (low price, hotels with good ratings…). After a few seconds, they receive a message with several offers adapted to their preferences, and once they have made their choice, the booking is made easily and without complications.

The service offered by Snaptravel has all the elements to qualify the digital customer experience as satisfactory: personalised, simple, quick, easy and that provides value to the customer. And all this through a channel that users are familiar with and find convenient to use.


In our article on the WhatsApp API, we already mentioned that the medical services company was one of the outstanding examples in terms of customer service through this medium. And now, we return to it to highlight that it is in the ranking of companies with the best digital customer experience.

DKV, like many other companies, is already aware that the customer experience has become a fundamental element in determining the success of a company. Thus, in addition to offering customers the possibility of carrying out certain medical procedures quickly and easily via WhatsApp, it allows users to communicate in real time with an agent via its web chat.

All this without forgetting those who still prefer to make a voice call. DKV provides users with free numbers for the client for questions such as incidents or medical assistance.

This omnichannel model present in the company has been possible thanks to the integration of all the channels in a single system and the incorporation of its virtual assistant, Nauta, which provides personalised attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


How to offer a good digital customer experience in your company?

As you will have been able to see from the 3 examples we have just shown you, today’s companies are already aware of the importance of a good digital experience to improve their results and build customer loyalty. This parameter is what ultimately represents what users see and feel about your company.

Therefore, it is essential to have tools that help us manage all the channels through which customers can contact our company and that allow us to provide a frictionless experience.

At Fonvirtual we have a multichannel unified communications platform that has everything you need to optimise interactions with your customers and colleagues. With it you will be able to:

  • Communicate from anywhere and with any device with your customers and the rest of the team via chat, voice or video.
  • Turn a chat conversation into a voice call directly through the browser, without the need to change applications or tabs.
  • Know the status of the members of the company, transfer and share documents, create groups?
  • Manage all communication channels from a single interface and connect other systems, such as a CRM, so that all information is available without having to leave a conversation.


If you have already decided that you want to improve your company’s digital customer experience with our solution, what are you waiting for to contact us?

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