A VPN (virtual private network) creates a secure tunnel from your IP to the restricted area while using a public network. With the modern-day issues like Wifi spoofing, it’s important to keep your online activities secure. Modern businesses require employees to take care of their day to day tasks from every corner of the world. As telecommuting and virtual offices are becoming more mainstream, people often rely on unsecured public networks to achieve their objective, but end up compromising their online safety and security. VPNs protect your personal information when you’re online. It is like a firewall but one with much more functionality and security.

The Benefits of VPNs


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Still not sure how a VPN is good for you and your business? Here are some of its benefits to think about.

  1. VPNs reduce the chance of cyberattacks and security breaches. VPN are one of the best tools that help you reduce your chance of being hacked. It has become an essential tool in the recent times, given that the number of hacking incidents have grown by multiple folds. As from 2014 to 2015, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities increased 125%, as mentioned in a report by Symantec. By using a Open VPN you’re not only securing yourself but also your employees working off public networks. VPNs are great deal in decreasing the chance of getting hacked.
  2. VPNs Improve Productivity. If you have employees who know the internet vulnerabilities, they will probably avoid logging in on public networks such as cafe’s and airport. And if they travel, you can bet they feel like they can’t work during long extend on the road. Peace of mind is too important for productivity. With a VPN, employees can always feel safe to log in and work from anywhere anytime.
  3. VPNs make your clients feel secure. If you collect data from customers, clients, or patients, you’ll be able to help appease their worries by using a VPN. True, many of them may not understand what a VPN means, but a little education will help a lot. Think about it, wouldn’t you rely on a company that keep your data secure?
  4. VPNs allow you to “stay in office.” while traveling. If you travel a lot, changing your real IP address (which is based in your office) with your VPN can be a requisite. Some countries have restrictions on what you can access whereas there (for instance, Facebook is not accessible to Chinese IP addresses), thus in order to stay connected to the workplace and to complete your work, you’ll have a VPN. Some customers and clients hesitate opening emails that end up in spam or junk folders as they seem to be coming from unknown IP address. With a VPN connected, you can always stick to your preferred IP address and ensure all of your emails land in the primary folder of recipients.
  5. VPNs are really cheap. A VPN is a very cost-friendly security upgrade. Costs differ, but they mostly start around $10 per month. Getting a complete cyber security tool that can keep you safe at this price tag is totally worth it.

Buying a VPN service for employees working offsite (at public networks) could be a fast, easy, and an effective security measure. However, it only works if everyone is on board. Make sure you educate all your employees why you are implementing a VPN policy, and that everybody knows the advantages, benefits, and usage of the tool.

By using a VPN service, you can help further protect your call center software when reaching calls online. Although it isn’t necessary, it acts like an extra layer of security when using free wifi at an airport or coffee shop that may be unprotected.

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