For many, to hire a call center is an issue of the past. Many people associate call centers with cold calling random strangers non-stop in order to push sales. In short, call centers currently do not have the best image they could have hoped for.

However, the focus of many call centers has changed. Now, thanks to new technologies, companies are betting are better of if they hire a call center within their company. This offers greater flexibility for employees.


In addition, call centers do not only focus on just outgoing calls. They also take incoming calls to manage customers who want to know more about different issues, resolve any doubts, incidents, etc..


There are many reasons to hire a call center, but here are the top 6:


Why hire a call center in the company?


1.Improve Customer Service


Customer service is based on two things. Number one: the technology and systems used for effective customer service. For example, this might include the quality of the virtual switchboard or the call center software. Number two: the training and communication skills of the agents who are dedicated to the emission or reception of calls.


2. Improve the Company’s Image


A call center that shows a professional image of the company will generate greater benefits. And this can come from many different sources.


On one hand, you have the software that the company relies on. There are many companies that provide telecommunications services to hire a call center, so the difference between them will lie in the technology used, the features, and the sound quality that they offer.


On the other hand, the company image will also be based on the attention given by agents. Therefore, it is important that workers are always informed about the company, products and services. But also, we must keep them motivated and  happy with their work, so they can offer the best customer service possible.


Remember that a satisfied customer is a customer who will speak well of your company. This will allow the company to reach a greater audience.


hire a call center


3. Increase Sales


Every call made can be a sale, but also every unanswered call can be a loss.


Choosing a call center software that works properly and also categorizes and distributes the calls to the appropriate agents at all times, will make customers satisfied with the care provided, as well as being served according to their needs.


If, on the other hand, the company loses calls or the person answering the call is not specialized in the subject that the client wants to consult, the client will be forced to make the same call to another competitor until he gets the answer he needs.


4. Customer Loyalty


A customer’s loyalty depends on the attention they receive. A platform where customers can make requests or complaints will make them feel that they are being listened to. They will feel that the company attends to their needs.


For this reason, to hire a call center can mean the loyalty of more customers, who will also use this medium to make future contracts and will recommend other users to contract these services.


5. Save Time and Resources


Hiring a call center means more time management. Fonvirtual’s call center has an intelligent call distribution system known as ACD (Automatic Call Distributor). It sends the call to the right agent at the right time.


That way, it will not be necessary to have a person who distributes calls manually. The system will do so based on criteria and skills previously established to each of the agents.


Additionally, you will be able to establish menu options, timetables, queues, etc. This is so businesses can spend more time on working and less time sorting out calls manually.


6. Greater Control


The call center, in addition to all of the above, allows for greater control of all the activities and interactions that customers have with the company via telephone.


Through an administration panel, the person in charge will be able to know the life of each call, which agent answered, the duration of calls, how long it has been on hold, etc. They can determine which options are clicked on the most.


Also, the company may have a satisfaction survey at the end of each call. That way, they receive direct feedback from customers.

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