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Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Sep 18
ip pbx phone system

IP PBX phone system is a communication system used in companies. This system manages calls made to the business phone line or to an extension. The IP PBX phone system not only manages calls outside of the organization, but it also makes internal calls easier.

Thanks to new technology, virtual PBX systems thrive thanks to VoIP technology, also known as voice over internet protocol. VoIP allows people to communicate using their voice over the internet. The sound going through a call is digitized and allows phone calls to occur in real-time. This IP PBX phone system is a new way to communicate.


Just a few years ago, this concept was unimaginable. Most devices could not connect to the internet mobily like they do today. Because of this, it was impossible to consider a virtual phone system. Now, most companies connect to the internet through a computer or cell phone. This allows them to make calls through devices they already own, rather than needing physical phones.


Where do companies receive their calls?


With an IP PBX phone system, companies have multiple options on what device they receive calls from. They can receive calls through a traditional IP phone, or through a computer or cell phone.


However, IP phones are becoming obsolete. Companies are beginning to realize that these phones are an unnecessary expense. They are being replaced by pre-owned computers are cell phones that also connect to the internet.


From the computer, companies may receive calls in the following two ways:


  • Through a softphone or downloadable software offered by the company. However, these often create lower quality calls.


  • Other companies opt for advanced WebRTC technology. This means they can access calls through a website using any web browser. Because of this, no installations are necessary.


From the mobile phone, the call can be received in two ways:


  • By diverting their calls. This means transferring a call from a landline to a cell phone. This means the company handles the costs of transferred calls.This can be complicated when an employee needs to make an outgoing call from the company number. Additionally, the employee will not be able to know who is calling. This can be tricky when you are trying to find out if a customer or an employee is the one calling you.
  • Through an app. Both an IP PBX phone system and WebRTC allow calls to be transferred through an app. For companies that work with WebRTC, call forwarding is free. All you need to do is login to the app using your username and password. To make a call, the only thing required is internet. This simplifies how calls are made. You will also see who is calling with caller ID.


ip pbx phone system


What makes the Fonvirtual IP PBX phone system app unique


Aesthetically, the Fonvirtual app may seem similar to other IP PBX phone system apps. However, the Fonvirtual app is different.


With the Fonvirtual virtual PBX app, the app is owned by the company itself. Most companies retrieve this app from outside companies. So why is this app better than contracted ones? The answer is simple. If there is an issue with the app, it is easier to find a solution by contacting the company directly. Additionally, this app has frequent updates and listens to direct customer feedback in order to improve. New features are added to adapt to customer needs.


On the other hand, Fonvirtual works with WebRTC technology. With WebRTC, the audio of your calls has HD sound quality. Although both VoIP and WebRTC require internet, WebRTC much more modern and evolved. It offers higher quality service, communication stability, and HD sound.


If you want to know more about fonvirtual services and how an IP PBX phone system can help you, contact us!


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