The ACD call center software operator occupies a key position when it comes to offering the best customer service, it is one of the new ways of communication that have developed in recent years.

Only with Fonvirtual, the efficiency of your contact center will be available wherever you are. Customers will be able to contact you thanks to your local or international landline numbers, which can be new or ported. They can also contact you through the web or through the app.

This way, your Call center software will be able to be managed from the cloud, combining years of experience in service, the effectiveness of our ACD and the innovation of WebRTC technology.


What is WebRTC?


The WebRTC is a protocol used by Fonvirtual. It is an open source system available by Google, Mozilla, and Opera, which allows agents to connect from anywhere and through any device or extension they wish. They will be able to connect from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

In order that the supervisor can manage the contact center, the following tools are available: direct control of the platform, permanent and direct interaction with agents, call recording and statistics.

To achieve good monitoring, it is necessary to have the application in a computer, tablet, and mobile so that the supervisor has the main contact center variables. For example, to be able to listen to calls, or that the agents can connect or disconnect depending on the needs that may arise and the transcription of calls that may be received in different languages.

In order to manage the ACD call center, the supervisor will also need to interact with his agents, for which he has a live chat, the whisper function, and three-way conversations. Call recordings and statistics will help decision making by providing all relevant information derived from calls from the Call Center.

At Fonvirtual, the customer is the highest priority, which is why we also offer a variety of functionalities and extensions to make your customer service call center the most special.


The advantages of a Contact Center


It offers you a wide range of benefits to make you feel comfortable when using your Fonvirtual ACD call center.


ACD call center


  • No investment, since the contact center does not need installation, IP telephony or any equipment.
  • Efficiency and intelligence at call management level thanks to our ACD system, which relies on queues, IVR and other functionalities.
  • Simplicity, agents will have a simple and palpable interface that has everything necessary to manage calls intuitively in all extensions.
  • Innovation, our contact center combines the experience of years of service with the innovation of WebRTC technology.
  • Mobility, derived from the fact that agents can connect to the ACD call center software from any country and using the device they want.
  • Adaptability, our ACD call center can adapt to the number of agents needed according to the company’s requirements.
  • Robust, Fonvirtual offers the right Call Center software equipment to make it work at any time.
  • Experience, years of experience in the sector and the confidence of many customers in our services.
  • Reliability, the WebRTC has much fewer requirements in terms of data consumption and bandwidth use than traditional IP telephony. This enables absolute call stability and HD quality. Forget about call outages, echoes and voice delays.


Do you know that you can choose how your customers access the Contact Center? And yes, of course, Fonvirtual will give you the choice. Either through local, international or special numbers, or through the app.

An efficient ACD cloud solution that allows effective call management. The IVR will manage them through automatisms that can be customized according to the characteristics of the agents and the priorities and availabilities that you have defined in the configuration.

All you need is a computer with a headset or a mobile phone or tablet with an app to use your ACD call center. It is important to mention that Fonvirtual is one of the only companies to offer the new VoIP solutions : The WebRTC technology, which not only allows you to connect from anywhere but also has HD quality and call efficiency reliability which is a major advantage over traditional VoIP telephony.


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