Understanding the concept of ACD

ACD stands for Automatic Call Distributor. Today, business activity for call centers involves managing a large number of incoming calls. Sometimes, a mass amount of calls will occur at the same time. No agent knows for sure what is in store for them on the other end a call. Depending on the type of problem, there are separate people who can solve these specific situations. Once the call is answered, the caller describes the nature of the problem. The call must be quickly forwarded to the appropriate agent to resolve the issue. This is where the ACD comes in. ACD Call Center Software is a tool that allows intelligent management of incoming calls and queues. It directs calls to the right agent based on their set skills.


Main features of the ACD


ACD call center software is equipped with a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) as well as IVR (Interactive Voice Response). They both route all incoming calls to the appropriate agents. Additionally, the ACD also takes into account other tasks such as:

Prioritizing calls

Among all customers, there are always people who are a higher priority to be taken care of. They may contribute highly in the turnover rate of the company. These VIP customers deserve special treatment. Therefore, their calls must be answered quickly. With ACD, it is possible to create a category of VIP callers. You can now manage their calls appropriately as soon as possible.

Customer Callback

In the event that the virtual call center software has several callers waiting on the line, the ACD offers an alternative feature that allows callers to call back later. The customer now knows that the company is taking the trouble to contact him again later as promised. This is not only for the good of the company, but also that of the customers who remain loyal to your services.

Activity reporting

With ACD call center software call management tools, you can also generate a report of calls made and received each day. Thanks to this other ACD features, the performance of each call can be analyzed to obtain better results in the future.


ACD call center software



The link between ACD and call center software


The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an ACD call center software does not depend on a single tool. PABX, CTI and IVR also work together.

The PABX, which stands for “Private Automatic Branch Exchange“, connects all telephones to the same line. Also known as a switch, the PBX also handles the configuration of voicemail and outside calls.

The CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) combines telephony systems with computers. This coupling of telephony and computing is a very popular technique in the world of call centers. The CTI server converges all the different types of media on the Internet. The telephone system, the website, email: all of these different forms of communication are possible thanks to CTI.

And lastly, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) keeps the conversation going with the online customer to show him the way forward. Each call follows the instructions of the IVR to know which number to connect the call with. The caller will be led to the appropriate person who to answer their questions.

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