A contact center, also known as a customer interaction center or an advanced call center, is a place where all kinds of telephone calls with clients are managed.


An advanced call center can be divided in two ways. On one hand, you have the internal contact center within a company. On the other hand, outsourced contact centers also exist.


Internal contact centers manage calls within the company on a first-hand basis. Outsourced call centers are subcontracts to other companies specialized in managing the attention and telemarketing of other companies.


Also, contact centers can be segmented by outgoing calls, incoming calls or mixed calls. Some contact centers have an automated system that launches calls at certain pre-established times and are usually associated with sales or telemarketing campaigns.


Regardless of whether the contact center is only for incoming or outgoing calls, it is still a fundamental pillar for the management of clients and opportunities of any company.

Contact centers are essential in business


All types of companies need a system that allows them to serve customers effectively. Businesses cannot afford not to pay the necessary attention to customers, since these are the basis that sustains the economy of the company.


Regardless of the size of the company, they must have an internal or external telephone service to answer calls. You can use these calls to follow up or launch telemarketing campaigns. Additionally, they must have a team specialized in customer care, management and problem solving.


Companies that provide urgent services should not forget about customer service. For example, this could be healthcare or telecommunication sectors. But also many others such as banks, ecommerce, and market research companies just to name a few.

Advanced call center in the cloud


Not until recently, companies had contact center solutions that involved high installation and maintenance costs. Today, however, advanced call centers using the cloud have replaced these traditional systems. They deliver higher labor productivity and cost savings.


Advanced call center solutions allows call center software to be managed virtually, and any management or configuration changes can be made easily online.


All a business would need is a computer or cell phone to manage all of their phone calls. IP phones or traditional PBX system equipment no longer have to occupy office space or resources. All of these can be managed from the cloud and therefore from anywhere in the world.




What software would an advanced call center use?


In general, contact centers work with software that works through IP telephony. But a change is happening in the system; IP telephony, like any type of technology, has evolved into WebRTC technology.


This technology allows an advanced call center to be located anywhere, as well as their agents. On the one hand, calls through WebRTC can be made and received from any device connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. Many companies have opted to diversify their customer service in different places. This gives them the opportunity to give 24-hour customer service.


In addition, the advanced call center can be managed entirely from the cloud. It includes a supervisor panel that will know in real time the activity of the agents, hear recordings of each call, and more.


Fonvirtual is a specialist in offering telecommunications services based on WebRTC technology. A specialist provider of this type of technology, whose services offer a higher quality of customer service to the company, will bring great benefits.


In addition, a company such as Fonvirtual will be able to offer you the right advanced call center software depending on the company’s needs, its scope of activity and the volume of outgoing or incoming calls.


Let one of our specialists advise you. Tell us what your company is looking for and how you would like to manage your calls.

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