The advantages of an ACD cloud contact center solution

Smith, Emma

Publish: Thursday, Jan 24

An automated call dispenser improves the overall efficiency of call centers. The ACD cloud contact center system categorizes and distributes incoming and outgoing calls according to predetermined criteria, thus simplifying the communication process.

While a traditional call distributor automatically processes incoming calls and distributes calls without any criteria, an ACD cloud contact center system responds to calls immediately or, if necessary, puts them on hold until it can automatically send them to the available agent. He or she will have the appropriate skills for that call, as defined in our configuration.

The ACD cloud in a telephone system performs the following function: reception of incoming calls, processing and categorization of these calls according to information or instructions sent from a database. The ACD system then determines the optimal way to redirect the call to the appropriate agent.

ACD systems are widely used in companies that receive a large volume of incoming calls from people who need some assistance. The ACD cloud contact center uses a delivery strategy based on a set of pre-defined instructions and rules. This algorithm determines which agents are best suited to answer one or other types of calls.

Generally, ACD software is used when high call volumes require defined distribution rules in order to determine which agent is best suited to answer each call.


The features of the ACD cloud contact center

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is an essential component for a good call center software, as it simplifies the communication process.

These are some of its advantages:

  • The incoming call is not distributed according to the availability of the agent, but is diverted to the agent who has the appropriate competencies and skills to meet the needs of the customer correctly.
  • Calls will be immediately attributed to the most appropriate agents, previously identified on the basis of predetermined information. If no agent is available, the call will be queued.
  • Before answering the call, agents can also view previous customer information, such as the history. This allows for a more structured and personalized attention to the client.
  • The ACD technology also delivers calls to agents that are distributed in different geographical locations, giving the sensation of a unified system for the caller.
  • In case the agent is not available, the client can go to the call waiting queue, and will be attended in the moment the agent is available.
  • The ACD cloud contact center system allows call center supervisors to have permanent control of their agents (possibility of activating and deactivating, of listening to conversations, of intervening in the conversation, of whispering to the agent during a conversation, etc.).
  • On the other hand, the ACD provides comprehensive statistics in order to measure the effectiveness of the call center: number of tones before picking up the call, duration of conversations, waiting time from the customer to the telephone, number of calls received, not received or not picked up by an agent, number of operators connected, etc.


Fonvirtual’s ACD cloud contact center:

ACD cloud contact center

Negotiating with customers is not an easy task, but having a tool that keeps a history and statistics of those calls will make contact with those customers easier.

Fonvirtual offers you one of the most affordable and efficient solutions thanks to this ACD cloud contact center technology. You will be able to treat your incoming and outgoing calls with detailed and studied reports and analyses. An ACD call center that offers a complete solution for your contact center software, without permanence, without overloads and without the need for installation or investment in new equipment.

Fonvirtual, the company dedicated to advising and value-added services in telecommunications for companies, commercializes services of virtual numbers, PBXs, call center, click to call and national and international numbering. Fonvirtual also offers you an effective ACD cloud contact center solution.

With Fonvirtual, you can choose the configuration of your ACD cloud contact center that best suits your calls. These will be automated with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technique, will go through the queues and will be distributed intelligently later thanks to the ACD.

The IVR manages incoming calls in the IVR call center, via customizable automatisms. Once the calls are managed, the queues take over with waiting music. These calls will be automatically passed on to the agents if they are available.

The ACD Cloud intelligently categorizes and distributes calls based on the agent skills, priorities, and availability you have defined in the configuration. It allows you to better manage calls by intelligently distributing them based on agent qualification and availability.

Fonvirtual provides companies with all the necessary value-added tools, such as the ACD cloud contact center, to differentiate themselves from their competitors, gain market share and become more competitive.

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