We are witnessing great changes that affect every aspect of our lives. Scientific and technological innovation has changed our way of life. The same has happened with modes of payment, which experience great innovations daily. Let´s talk about the automated payment system. 

Today’s technological advances are aimed at simplifying life and facilitating daily actions. In relation to monetary operations, we have also witnessed great changes. We are no longer talking about cash payments, this form of payment has become rare and even obsolete.

Cash payment models have been replaced by electronic payment. Today it is essential for merchants to have a POS automated payment system in order to adapt to changes and new trends.

The POS automated payment system is a system already accepted by all. But what is meant by electronic commerce? How does the POS telephone collection work? Why should companies choose to use this collection model?




E-commerce is the process of buying and selling products by electronic means, such as mobile applications and the Internet. E-commerce refers to both online and electronic transactions.

It has gained popularity in recent years and in some ways replaces traditional physical stores. E-commerce is considered as the real engine of this new economy and constitutes a remarkable incentive of competitiveness for companies.


What is the automated payment system?


The automated payment system through the phone is a method of collection that is carried out with card and through a telephone call. It is a new payment / collection model, in which the customer provides the data to an automatic system that processes the data directly with the bank, without the need for human intervention on the part of the company and simply by means of a telephone call.

This payment method facilitates commercial life. But a good tool is required to carry out this activity. Fonvirtual has launched its new service of taking card payments over the phone.




How to have an automated payment system through the phone?


The telephone card terminal can be purchased by secure companies such as Fonvirtual. You will simply need to hire the intelligent virtual PBX, together with the taking card payment over the phone system and you will already be able to use the service.

The virtual PBX will allow there to be contacted between the company and the customer, and the call will be transferred to the automated payment system.


The advantages of the automated payment system for companies


This technology provides great advantages and facilities, both for companies and for customers who proceed to make the purchase, as it can be done from any device, place and at any time.

This is a 100% secure service, which offers a high level of professionalism. In this way, you can attract more customers and therefore generate more sales and income.

In addition, it offers the ability to answer many calls at the same time and manage as many payments as necessary, without human intervention in the payment process.

It offers your customers the best experience also in the payment process, simplifying payment actions and with a 100% secure method. The payment will be made by means of a telephone call and directly processed with the bank.

Spend time on other tasks and let Fonvirtual provide you with the best option to make phone card payments.

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