In any business, providing good customer service is basic, especially in an increasingly competitive world where the user experience means gaining or losing their trust. For this, automation is gaining ground, especially in call centers, where companies are gradually choosing to invest in these resources. One of the most widely used automation services is the call center bot. But what is it and what are the advantages of using them in a company?

What is a Call Center Bot?

A bot is simply the word “robot” shortened. It is based on a computer program or software that performs automated tasks and imitates human behavior, so that it can be used for multiple tasks. An example of bot might be Internet search engines, which automatically track web pages while gathering information from each of them in a much more efficient way than a person could do.

Applying this concept to the call center, it would be a management system that would increase fluidity and speed, not only for customers, but also for employees, since it allows to automate the processes of calls and incidents of the clients in a simple way. The bots in a contact center maintain a conversation with the user, being able to answer the usual questions and learning from previous interactions and customer records with the company.

Depending on the complexity, the type of business and the services it offers, the options are very diverse, but they all provide flexibility and the capacity to adapt, which can mean, among others, a great advantage for the company.

Often bots have been used to answer calls, but nowadays they have also been implemented in other routes of contact with customers. When we visit some web pages we may find a message in a chat that welcomes us or even asks if it can help us with anything. If we respond to this, the bot automatically answers our message. These types of solutions are called chatbots, and they are very useful to give the customer a quick response at any time.


Advantages of a Call Center Bot

Any business is constantly searching to improve customer service, so that its image and efficiency also increase. Before showing you the advantages that a contact center bot can provide to your company to achieve this goal, it is necessary to note that although these instruments may in some cases have greater skills for certain tasks and help to reduce costs, they do not replace human work in customer service. At least for now, most of the time they will not be able to give the personalized attention that an employee provides.

Increase efficiency in receiving calls

There are many systems which, instead of contributing to improvement, they provoke the opposite effect. Not all people have the same knowledge and experience, so in a business some employees may find it more difficult to cope with certain systems, which decreases the efficiency needed in a call center. Precisely because we are human, it can become somewhat complicated to hand out calls or to identify which agent is right to receive the call. In this area, contact center bots are the most appropriate, because more precise information is obtained for the most suitable solution for the query.

Costs and errors reduction

Introducing a call center bot system as part of the IVR system into a contact center can help reduce possible mistakes that may occur when receiving calls, while allowing agents to focus on other tasks. In these cases, the robot first analyzes the information about the query that the user has made (reason for the call, previous consultations…) and then performs the “delivery of the information” to the most appropriate agent to attend it. This reduces costs, reduces waiting times by optimizing the process, and avoids the frustration that customers have in repeating the information constantly until their problem is solved.

Continuous customer service

Bots in a contact center will be available throughout the year and at any time, so even if you make a consultation on a holiday, after hours… the client will always be attended. It is true that often you will not be able to solve the query properly but it will allow you to monitor incoming calls to contact the user if necessary.

Advanced security

Any client who calls a company to solve an issue is concerned about the processing that may receive their information. As a concrete example, businesses with a telephone payment system must ensure that customer data is treated with the greatest possible care, so bots are the best solution for this type of task, since transaction data is processed without the need for storage, and especially without human intervention. This provides greater peace of mind for customers, who will be sure that their data will not be used for another purpose, while giving a more professional image.

Adapts to business needs

The variety in the types of call center bots makes it much easier for the company to choose the service that best suits its requirements. There are companies that need more complex answers, so they will need a more sophisticated robot. Otherwise, there are others that require the opposite, so it will be enough with the basic functions.

To sum up…

Many companies are currently looking for effective application of technological methods for their call center to help them achieve their goals and improve their customer service experience, allowing them not only to reduce costs, but also survive in a changing environment. At Fonvirtual we offer you the solution of virtual PBX, which besides adapting to your needs, takes advantage of technology without forgetting about the personalisation of the treatment towards your customers.

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