Nowadays, whenever we contact a company, most of the time our conversations with agents can be recorded. You may have wondered why and if there are actually some benefits that companies can get from recording conversations. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

With the development of virtual PBXs and the technologies on which they are based, everything is done in the cloud. Cloud also means storage of information. It is thanks to this operation that it is very easy to keep track of the conversations that your agents have had with a customer.

Whether in terms of management or quality control, you and your company will find this feature of your virtual PBX useful.

Call recording for training purposes

Any employee of a company that arrives in a department where he/she will have to answer or make a certain amount of calls, goes through a training. We think especially of the commercial department or the customer service. The training serves to get the trainee used to contact customers in order to always spread the image that the company wants to show to its customers, but also to get him/her used to being in contact with the type of clients of the company.

Indeed, before making a new employee autonomous, you can use the recording of conversations to teach the employee how to transmit the right message, give examples of situations he could face and how to react. This feature contributes to the optimization of the training and its results, it will be less theoretical and more concrete.

For a manager, call recording is an asset that can be used to evaluate the performance of his teams. By staying on the training of new employees, it will allow them to explain more clearly and to better target the positive features and especially the points of improvement. Then, being available and accessible at any time by the supervisor of the call center software (or PBX), as a manager, you will be able to improve the performance of your agents by listening again to the conversations they have had and by indicating them the elements that do not converge in the direction of the company’s image

Do not lose any information

A second advantage of recording conversations with customers or prospects is to ensure that you do not lose any information said during the call. With this feature, you will be able to listen back and retrieve data that you missed or even fix a mistake if, for example, an agent took the wrong phone number.

It can be very useful for agents in the sales department when they contact prospects. Conversations can simply be data intensive and in case they can’t take it all down. The agents can go back and listen and fill in the information.

Monitor the message delivered with call recording

To bounce back to the benefits for a manager, recording conversations can be very useful to monitor that your agents are behaving correctly when interacting with customers and prospects.

Every company has a different approach to customers and there is a certain way to communicate. This will allow you to check that the guidelines are being followed when it comes to interacting with customers. On the other hand, it will allow you to keep track of any disputes your agents may have encountered.

There are many features of your telephony system that can be useful to optimize the management of your interactions with your customers. Call recording has many advantages and can be complemented by other features of the telephony system. These include call transcription, which allows you to benefit from the recording but in writing, directly from your interface, and call whispering, which takes agent management to the next level.

And if you want to improve this service even more, you can also keep the call recordings at the level of the customer with whom the interaction took place thanks to the integration of the PBX or call center with your company’s CRM software. At Fonvirtual, all our virtual PBX solutions come with call recording and transcription directly available on the interface on any device connected to the Internet. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, our agents will be happy to explain our solutions in more detail.

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