We live in a globalized society and it’s becoming more and more usual to see different cultures share the same traditions and lead resembling lifestyles. All of this has been happening thanks to the Internet. The international market is now open to every country, and there are some keys for having success when expanding your company, such as having an international phone number. In this article we will see the advantages of international numbers. The Internet made it possible to create trade relations, which otherwise would have been impossible to establish.If you’re one of those companies getting ready to export their products, make sure to create websites for the new market. Investing into online marketing will attract more visitors potentially interested in your products or services, which will result in more traffic. However, this won’t be enough and you also need to take action to convert the visitors into customers and therefore we advise you to get an international virtual landline number. An international phone number will help you get established in any international market. For example, if you are an American company operating in Germany and you have a website fully adapted to the German market but you only provide American contact numbers, there is a high risk that most potential customers will not even attempt calling you. This way you will lose sales, customers and profit. You might think, that if you don’t have a physical presence in Germany (or any other country), you can’t have an international number. Fonvirtual.com has a solution for you. We can provide you with the virtual phone number Germany, or the number from another country, we will divert to your lines in your offices – no matter where you are located.

Advantages of international numbers for any company

As we have already mentioned, Fonvirtual.com provides international phone numbers of a country of your choice. We can divert them to your lines no matter where you are and so you will be able to answer the calls from your foreign customers. Let´s see some of the advantages of international numbers:

  • Provide security to your customers: Your international customers won’t be able to find out your location – they will believe that you are an international company based in more countries, providing personalized customer service on each market. Moreover, when calling your international customers, you can display this international number so that they see an incoming call from a familiar number. People rarely answer calls from foreign numbers and the chance that they call back after finding a missed call is even smaller. This way you can make sure that the most of your calls will be answered or even returned! Don’t worry about the costs, your international customers pay the same fees as if they call any other local number.
  • Boost your company image: No matter your company size, being present in various countries gives you an image of a multinational company – even if you are the only person answering your calls.
  • Business alliances and cooperations: In the same way that customers feel safer when contacting you, the same goes for businesses. You never know who is going to propose you a business collaboration or alliance, which is a great way to increase your profits!

Surely, we have convinced you about the benefits of having an international number. Moreover, the price includes unlimited incoming calls and no roaming fees so all the incoming calls are free. You only have to pay a monthly flat fee, which will assure that you get an international number with all the switchboard functions you want. This way you will improve the customer service and make it more efficient. These are the functions you can get

  • Automated attendant: Greet  your customers, let them know about your holidays, working hours/days…in any language you want
  • Options menu: Allocate the incoming calls of your international number depending on the needed department with automated attendant in any chosen language (If you wish to speak with..press 1…)
  • Call recording: You can record every call received on your international number. All the recordings will be saved on your control panel.
  • Statistics panel: Analyze the calls received on your international number, call duration and origin, missed calls…
  • Call identification: Area codes or an audio help you identify all the calls coming to your international number.

All of these functions will help you provide efficient customer service in each country and you will increase the number of your new and loyal customers too. Don’t think about it too much, take advantages of international numbers! Go to our website and get yourself a virtual phone number France, Hungary, Canada or any other country you wish. If you have any questions send us an email to info@fonvirtual.com

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