The concept of invoice payments with POS payment solutions

POS Payment solutions are the new way to keep your bank account secure. No one wants their card information stolen. The last thing you want is to be left with no money in your account to make a payment. Banks and financial institutions have also thought of different solutions to theft. Now, it is possible to make bank transfers from one account to another in order to pay off debts. For convenience, innovative solutions such as the POS payment solution, allows for this payment to be made without a terminal.

Payments with card without a terminal

As mentioned above, payments with a POS payment solution are possible. No sophisticated equipment is required for these financial transactions. You have to install an application and go. Many of these applications can be installed on a smartphone or other devices. Often, a simple registration on the site in question gives access to the payment application with a bank card without terminal. The application itself is offered for free. It is only each transfer of money that represents a small commission.


POS Payment Solution


The benefits of the payment system with a bank card without terminal

Not having to move with so much cash is a great relief. Actually, you have to facilitate the payment with POS payment solution because it allows you to take advantage of many opportunities:

Reduction in the risk of theft 

Now, with the payment by credit card, only you can transfer money from your account to another securely. Which means less risk for stealing your money.

A secure method of payment

With the POS payment solution system, it is impossible to make promises of payment to a provider. The bank does not lie, or you have the money in your bank account or the balance is insufficient. In a few clicks, you will have the opportunity to receive the money transfer in your bank account. Avoid delays and unpaid debts.

The acquisition cost is affordable.

This banking tool is a suitable solution for financial agreements and, in addition, it costs almost nothing in terms of acquisition cost. With multiple features, such as a very simple user manual and easy installation on a smartphone or other device, the only charge that must be paid is the cost of each money transfer. No additional installation or subscription is paid. There are no monthly fees or other hidden fees to pay.

A powerful technology

When paying with POS payment solution, the electronic device used for money transfer is very suitable for financial transactions. Designed with the device necessary for wireless Internet connection, this device can be used anywhere.

Fonvirtual now offers a new service: taking card payments over the phone. This is automatic, instant and with certification PCI compliance. This system offers multiple uses to automatically pay by phone safely. Discover and facilitate all payment transactions with your customers in a few minutes.









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