In a world where technology is constantly evolving and consumer demands are increasing, suppliers of goods and services must have answers and solutions to all these demands. Furthermore, in this environment where there is also very high competition, it is also important to build customer loyalty with a VoIP PBX.

The VoIP virtual PBX plays an important role in facilitating the isotropic transmission of information. It is an indispensable element for companies that receive a large number of calls and want to manage and administer them easily, while taking care of their customer service. With the functionalities that the PABX offers and the benefits it provides, we are therefore talking about a good solution for managing these calls.

There are different types of companies depending on the sector they work in, the products they offer, etc. However, they all converge towards the same objective: growth and development. This growth and development is undoubtedly measured by business turnover.

There is no mystery about how to increase turnover. It is about respecting and carrying out a set of techniques and rules. Acting on the basis of a good commercial strategy is essential in order to impose oneself on the market without being influenced by the competition. This strategy takes into account a number of perspectives that are indispensable for achieving consumer satisfaction.

Many companies invest all the resources at their disposal in order to make their potential customers their new customers and, subsequently, to build their loyalty and satisfy their needs. They also invest in relationships and communications with their employees, building their confidence and being motivated, as they know that this type of communication strategy towards employees is one of the factors that will positively influence the growth of the business.


What is a VoIP PBX for companies?


A VoIP PABX is a system that connects several telephones in an interconnected way to present a set of functionalities such as processing and transfer of calls, voice mail, etc..

Companies, regardless of their size, make use of a cloud PBX to manage and distribute calls. In this way, the company can also control and count the calls.

Two types of PBXs can be distinguished for companies: physical PBXs and virtual PBXs. With regard to the first ones, these require an installation, while the second ones run on a cloud system. The choice of one or the other comes from the buyer, who will do so depending on the budget and the objectives and interests he has.




The advantages of using a VoIP PBX


Regardless of the size of the business, voice communication plays a critical role in establishing contact between all parties involved in business transactions.

Communication is a key and central element for the company. The more you invest in it, the higher the return on investment. And, the more modernized the technology used, the more users will be interested in the business. One of the main advantages of using a telephone system for your company is that all employees in the office will be able to share the same voice resources. Employees will be able to pass the calls between them and redirect them to the agent that has the best characteristics to respond to the demands and needs of the caller. This simple feature can improve the performance of your business.

Imagine how tedious it would be if employees had to move to other offices or departments each time they had to answer calls from their colleagues. The ability to transfer calls has solved this problem.

If you decide to acquire a VoIP PBX for your company you will increase the quality of your communications, you will improve the image of your company towards the people who want to contact you, as well as the global image of it.


The VoIP PBX offered by Fonvirtual


If you have already suffered tense moments in the company in which the incoming calls are collapsed or cut off, it is time for you to make use of a better support service to your customers.

The consequences of losing calls damage the communication between customers and the company, as well as the internal communication of the agency. This translates into reduced productivity and business opportunities.

With Fonvirtual’s virtual PABX service for companies, you will have no problems communicating with your customers. Fonvirtual offers you its VoIP PBX service for companies carrying the number you already have or giving you a new one, without the need to install new equipment, thanks to WebRTC technology, and without permanence.

You will be able to enjoy a quality service thanks to our years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

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