VoIP is acronymous for voice over internet protocol. It works now with WebRTC technology and uses a telecom protocol dedicated to the internet. This enables sending the audio in pieces in data packages. The VoIP phone systems have been developed by phone providers in the last few years. Due to these developments is now capable of ensuring communications for any kind of company indistinctively of its size, but also it provides solutions for individual users.


At first, you may feel precocious about using a new technology that is still quite unknown but fonvirtual is going to point out four advantages of VoIP phone systems:


  • Advantage number 1

At the moment, the only alternative to traditional phone systems in which the quality remains the same are the VoIP phone systems. This new technology allows putting back together all the data and the necessary tools for communication in nowadays modern society. It is a perfect combination of traditional communication, new technologies and future developments.

VoIP phone systems


  • Advantage number 2

With the VOIP phone systems, you will no longer have to worry about specific physical devices. All your data will be upgraded in the same network. You will have access to your phone and fax. It is quite easy, you get more security and it makes the process easier.

  • Advantage number 3

The third advantage is the mobility that VoIP users enjoy. Being by the landline side is no longer necessary to make and receive calls in the landline phone number. From now on, the user may use its voip phone line wherever he or she is and with any device with internet connection.


  • Advantage 4

The last, but not least important advantage, is saving money in phone bills. The change towards VoIP phone systems entails changing our mind and opinion about phone systems but it doesn’t require a financial investment. Thanks to cheap internet plans and the possibility of making international calls, the user will make better use of its VoIP phone line.

Fonvirtual is one of the new generation phone providers, which has one of the greatest VoIP phone system offer for companies and freelancers.

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