AI and Virtual PBX: The Perfect Combo

Smith, Emma

Publish: Thursday, May 14

Artificial Intelligence has completely changed our traditional view of customer service. Customer service has done a complete 180º thanks to chatbots that integrate artificial intelligence. It is no longer just about receiving questions and providing answers. Advances in artificial intelligence, conversational chatbots, and self-service has provided the best customer service experience known to date. The ability to process natural language and machine learning makes it possible for chatbots to work better. The more information these chabots receive, the better they are at detecting user behavior. That is why we are here to tell you all about the advantages of combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) with your virtual PBX phone service or customer service software.


Advantages of combining AI with your company’s virtual PBX phone system


  • Offers higher quality service through automation

A company should always seek to maximize profits and minimize expenses. Offering a virtual PBX service that makes an intelligent call distributions or automates processes such as phone payments, will significantly reduce costs. All of this will automate workflows, while also increasing productivity, as more customers can be served in less time.

  • Always available

Customers want instantaneousness, because if they are not able to locate you at the time that they want, it is very easy for them to look for another provider. Systems driven by artificial intelligence are useful, since they can attend users 24/7, 365 days a year. 

  •  Limits the number of errors

The virtual PBX programmed with artificial intelligence helps you to collect and analyse every conversation. This information will make it possible for you to answer calls using artificial intelligence, or to make completely secure collections by phone without human intervention. This will give customers the perception that your business is aware of their needs.

  • Personalize your customer service

As stated in our previous point, personalization is one of the most effective sales strategies. Customers are more likely to buy if they know that the company makes an extra effort to provide them with what they want. Artificial intelligence gathers and interprets a customer’s history, making it capable of offering customers a more personalized suggestion, according to their tastes and needs.




  • Increase the commitment of your employees and the loyalty of your customers

There is a common belief that artificial intelligence is dangerous to the labour market because it encourages the replacement of human beings. This perception is not correct. According to experts, artificial intelligence only replaces repetitive tasks, with automated workflows, and not workers. The consequence is an increase in productivity.

In fact, the combination of artificial intelligence and the virtual PBX generates work opportunities, while reducing tasks that require more time and effort, allowing employees to be assigned more complex tasks, giving them value and making them feel more important within the organization.


In conclusion, we can basically affirm that traditional methods of customer service have become obsolete. Companies need solutions for their virtual PBX based on AI to predict customer needs, adjust to them and thus increase sales. For an organization that really wants to offer good customer service, the combination of artificial intelligence with the virtual PBX phone system is no longer an option. If you want to improve your customer service experience, this is the best way to go.



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