An Amsterdam virtual business phone number might be a great acquisition for your company. It is not a great acquisition because of its price but because of the great benefits it brings.


Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands together with the Hague, but Amsterdam is most known as the financial capital of the country. The city of Amsterdam hosts the biggest number of companies within Holland, and Rotterdam is behind it in second place. This is the reason why big companies want to join this business bubble and opening an office in this city. An Amsterdam virtual business phone number is a very demanded good at the moment.


A virtual phone number Netherlands from Amsterdam is a virtual business phone number hosted in the cloud whose area code is from the city and which calls can be transferred to other landlines a cell phone numbers from your home country.


This mechanism enables offering a professional and consolidated business company image in the Dutch market at the same time it is possible to enjoy the comfort of receiving and answering calls in the company’s home country.


Therefore is possible to show an image of a company that operates in the Netherlands without the need of having an office in the country. The Amsterdam international phone number boost your company’s business opportunities without having to move to Holland,


The reasons why foreign companies might want to operate in the Netherlands are very diverse since the Dutch market is not related to the cheese and tulips stereotypes anymore, but on the contrary, Amsterdam has become a business center in Europe.

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Amsterdam is considered the main candidate to replace London as the financial city of Europe, once the Brexit takes place. In fact, many financial companies whose headquarters were in London have already moved to Amsterdam. An Amsterdam virtual business phone number might help your company achieving a spot in the exclusive group of companies that are going to be part of the new European financial city.


Among the many advantages of Amsterdam as the next destination for seeking new business opportunities, there is one that is particularly important, its strategic geographic position. Amsterdam is in the middle of Europe, at such a short distance from the other UE countries. It is known as the two-hours country because it is the estimated time that takes to drive to its border countries.


An Amsterdam virtual business phone number will give you the opportunity to operate in Nordics, Mediterranean, eastern and centered European markets. This is possible thanks to its privileged geographic location.


Amsterdam is just not a beautiful city where to walk by its canals and having fun, but it is a city with incredible business potential which foreign companies can take advantage of. Subscribe for your Amsterdam virtual business phone number in Fonvirtual And if you are interested in Dutch number, you could also check its neighbor and get a virtual phone number Belgium, or any other country.