Did you know that the way we communicate within a company can have a significant impact on the efficiency and performance of all teams? Improve Internal communication is essential. It is more than just the transmission of information; It’s the invisible glue that connects all employees, from leaders to newcomers. Through effective communication, we not only share data, but also ideas, collaborate on projects and support each other to achieve results.

Making sure everything works perfectly and information flows smoothly is really difficult. Imagine the power to make your business a huge success! This is where Fonvirtual comes in.

Fonvirtual goes far beyond a simple telephone switchboard by offering multiple tools that will allow you to communicate, share ideas and make things happen at a speed you couldn’t even imagine.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s dive into the incredible virtual switchboard solutions that make Fonvirtual so special. I assure you that you will be surprised!Group communication

Improve internal communication: group communication

Group communication is a fundamental element of Fonvirtual tools. These tools are designed to promote coordination and joint decision-making, which in turn improves the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Fonvirtual’s advanced group communication tools open up a world of possibilities for employees to connect in real time, eliminating geographic barriers. This innovative solution becomes essential in the context of teleworking, where physical distance no longer limits fluid collaboration. Group communication features include:

Group chat

Team members can participate in group conversations via real-time chats. These chats allow for informal conversations, exchange of ideas, and the ability to share documents and links. Messages written in these chats are recorded, which simplifies future consultations and prevents loss of information. These conversations also make it possible to create communication subgroups, which is very interesting when working on several projects or dealing with different areas.

Group video conferences to improve internal communication

Group video conferencing is essential for virtual meetings where detailed communication and visual presentation are desired. By allowing the sharing of videos, sounds and files online, they differ from simple video calls. Using these tools will help you improve your routine by saving time and money on traveling, being more productive when solving important problems, and strengthening your relationships by allowing you to interact more closely with your colleagues via the screen.

improve internal communication

Group calls

Group calls are ideal for phone conversations with multiple participants. This is useful when you need to resolve large issues that require the attention of multiple team members at the same time.

Real-time reports

Fonvirtual tools include the ability to display the real-time status of each user. These states can be automatic, such as when a call is received or a video call is made, or manual, where users can indicate their availability. This feature facilitates coordination and allows teams to stay informed of the availability of their colleagues.

For example, imagine you need to step away from your workplace to  get coffee. With this feature, your colleagues will know that you are not available to receive calls at that time, preventing them from transferring calls to you unnecessarily. They can also activate an automatic system that will notify them when you are back. Status available.

Mailing lists

The Fonvirtual virtual switchboard mailing list functionality is a powerful tool for contacting several collaborators at the same time. These lists allow you to send messages quickly and efficiently to multiple users simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for serving announcements, updating company information, and other communications that need to be distributed quickly.

Real-time monitoring

This is not only about facilitating communication, but everything that happens is also recorded in detail. This includes everything from journals and recordings to transcripts, discussions and videos. This creates a complete record of everything that happens. But that’s not all, since administrators can see all the information from each interaction in real time, allowing them to accurately track and have better control over the entire process.

Fonvirtual’s virtual switchboard monitoring tool allows you to monitor user interactions and activities in real time. Having a time tracking system is like having an excellent tool for managing attendance and working time, particularly suitable for teleworking!


Fonvirtual’s group communication tools play a crucial role in teleworking. Especially in the post-pandemic context, where this modality becomes even more important. Facilitating coordination and joint decisions regardless of physical distance, these solutions enable seamless collaboration that has become essential to maintaining efficiency and productivity in an ever-changing work environment. Video conferencing, group chats and other features boost communication and teamwork, enabling successful remote working in this new scenario.

In the business world, where internal communication drives efficiency, Fonvirtual stands out as the transformative solution. With advanced group communication tools and powerful video calls, Fonvirtual strengthens collaboration, eliminates barriers and optimizes resources. All this helps to improve internal communication. In a connected environment, Fonvirtual promotes unified communications towards maximum commercial efficiency.


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