Can Artificial Intelligence improve your Customer Service?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Feb 22

Traditional customer service methods are no longer up to the task of meeting the increasingly demanding demands of customers. Companies now need to implement solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to effectively meet customer needs, offering new communication channels that allow better service, always available and personalized.

For an organization that wants to offer excellent customer service, combining the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence with the virtual PBX is no longer an option, but a condition sine qua non!

Conversational artificial intelligence

The use of the Artificial intelligence at work offers many advantages such as, among others, the personalization of interactions with your prospects or customers, both by voice and by instant messaging, a total availability of your customer service at any time and in any language, the automation of repetitive processes that waste your agents’ time or the personalization of customer service according to the requests received. Finally, all this translates into increased productivity and, therefore, higher profits.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and our omnichannel interface allows you to seamlessly communicate with users through different communication channels like voice, chat, or video. It also allows you to adapt to their preferences and interact with them naturally through the chosen channel whenever they want, from wherever they want and without making them wait.

The integration of instant messaging will allow you to start with a timid and anonymous exchange received in writing on your website and move naturally to a voice or video call through the web browser. This builds trust in your website visitors and increases the likelihood of resolving a query, answering a question or making a successful sale.


Web chat

By clicking on the button chat web on a web page, the user generally wants to find an accurate and quick answer to a question, get more information about a product or service, or contact an agent more anonymously than if they had to call the standard number. In addition, the chat messaging channel has the advantage of being completely free and available 24/7 from anywhere and with any device.

To personalize this channel, the Artificial Intelligence system allows you to configure a chatbot that will be able to answer many of the questions in a natural way and filter, in an ascending way, the user’s request, to direct it, through a few relevant questions, towards the most qualified agent to respond quickly and efficiently (customer call, commercial call, choice of language, country of origin, etc.).

The agent receiving the interaction can, if necessary, forward the message to another partner from your interface. He can also convert the message into a voice call or even a video call at the push of a button. The interaction that started as a simple and timid text message can be transformed into a real voice or visual exchange.

But who says chat button also says whatsapp button. To increase the communication channels of your website, you can also add the WhatsApp channel and all interactions will be received and processed in the agent’s omnichannel interface.

The effectiveness of Artificial intelligence in cloud communication systems is unlimited. In addition to giving great support to companies in general, it offers them the opportunity to diversify and adapt to the needs of customers, analyzing what they ask for and giving the most appropriate response possible. To configure it optimally, you need a bit of imagination and put yourself in the shoes of the user of your website who, in the end, is looking for a pleasant, efficient and productive experience.

At Fonvirtual we offer you our solutions based on the use of an Artificial Intelligence system at work, adapted to the needs of your company and that will allow you to offer a quality customer service while adding value to your communications. Contact us through our chat button to test the effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence live and find out more!

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