In 2016 the PBX of Saint-Malo city hall in France was hacked and damages were significant a 80.000 euros bill. Hackers have gotten to use the city hall’s lines to make international calls, so the city hall has filed a complaint against. Let´s see how we can avoid PBX hacking.


virtual PBX hacking


The PBX hacking or “phreaking” seems a usual practice which can only be found out when the bill arrives. This type of hacking is based on diverting outcoming calls traffic. Hackers take the system from outside and they automatize international calls.

Cost of Hacking

Every day there are more and more companies that claim they have been victims of phreaking. All companies can be affected by this, from small size companies to multinationals, and damages can be significant. Bills up to 600000 euros have been registered. The main destinations hackers divert calls to are Cuba, North Korea and Africa.


Knowing how to avoid these PBX hacking traps is a must since they multiply each year. They choose the most suitable PBX for satisfying their needs in the safest way possible. Do not ignore your phone equipment’s security and analyze your options before taking a step forward.

The New PBX

The new PBX generations are virtual PBX. They are the most advanced one in terms of security in comparison with traditional PBXs. Virtual PBXs are based on the same principles as traditional ones are but the difference lays on first ones don’t need any complex installation. A virtual PBX is more available for companies since it follows an economic model which gives a costs advantage.


Thanks to its 10 years experience in the virtual PBX market the Fonvirtual group considers the security of its clients and virtual PBXs a priority. Nowadays any hacking case has been declared and it seems it will remain this way thanks to different measures and processes the brand has taken to make their PBXs safe.

How Fonvirtual Can Help

With the purpose of avoiding unwanted outcoming calls by others, Fonvirtual authorizes, with clients’ prior written confirmation, one by one the numbers that can be used to make outcoming calls.


For more information about Fonvirtual and its safe services contact We will help you to avoid your PBX hacking. 


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