A call center is a service that can channel multiple business communications that demand an effective and timely response. They generate a pleasant experience for the customer, ensuring that they feel satisfied and continue acquiring the product or service.

It works as a set of tools and services hosted in a virtual cloud that through a special software ( Call Center Software) administers and manages communications either by phone, email, social networks or chat, among other channels.

A call center is a determining factor in the management of business communications and the success of any business. Effective communication with customers is what will enable them to gain loyalty from the company’s brand and attract new customers.


What services does a call center offer to your business?


The call centers that are combined with innovative technologies such as WebRTC, often amplify and enhance their services making it possible for agents responsible for managing calls can access the interface with any device (computer, mobile or tablet) and from anywhere in the world.

The additional services available to call centers are as follows:

# Call management

You will be able to choose the configuration of your most suitable call center for your calls. These calls, automated with the IVR, will go through waiting queues and will be intelligently assigned to agents thanks to the ACD.

# Interactive Voice Response or IVR

When calls enter the call center, the IVR manages them by means of customisable automatisms, with menus of options, locutions…

# Waiting queues

Calls are kept with a musical background while the system chooses which agent will receive the call, depending on its availability or predefined capabilities.

These queues may have a musical thread to make the customer more enjoyable waiting.

# ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

It intelligently categorizes and distributes calls according to the skills of the agents, priorities and availability that we have defined in our configuration.

Other services that can be configured with the call center are the following: locutions, call recording, scheduling, call transfer, voicemail, call identification, VIP lists, call transcription, filtering by origin or statistics.


call center


What are the benefits of hiring a call center?


  • No investment: It does not require new investments in installations, IP telephones or equipment thanks to WebRTC telephony that works through the Internet.


  • Ubiquity: Agents can connect from any device anywhere in the world, thanks to the advantage offered by WebRTC telephony.


  • Efficiency: The ACD Cloud system allows the call center to manage calls intelligently.


  • Scalability: The system adapts to the number of agents and the needs of your company.


  • Simplicity: The interface is a simple and easy to use system with a series of tools applied by the supervisor for optimal management of the call center.


A call center leads your company to position itself in current technological innovation and improve market positioning. In addition, your customers will have a quality experience that will give them confidence in the service or product you offer.

Contact us if you need advice or are interested in hiring the services of a call center with advanced technology such as WebRTC.

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