This new service provided by Fonvirtual offers the possibility of charging credit cards by phone using high transaction security.

Today, as a result of legislative changes such as new payment regulations, companies have been forced to modify their business procedures for charging customers.


Not only that, but users are also using less cash to pay for a transaction. They also often refuse to make direct bank transfers. Most transactions are done through credit or debit cards.


To create a solution to this, paying over the phone is the new way people are charging credit cards. A procedure so simple and yet safe, customers have gained their trust the system.


How does it work?


As we have already mentioned, the procedure is very simple. The company will have to contract a telephone collection service that will be integrated into the company’s virtual PBX phone network. That way, they will not only be able to charge their clients, but also be able to provide excellent customer service.


Our phone networking service basically consists of a telephone call and an automatic system. First, the customer who has to make a payment makes a call to the head-end number of the company’s PBX system. This call is received by an agent, who dials the amount they need to pay, and the call passes to the customer through the payment gateway.


In the payment gateway, an automatic artificial intelligence system asks for card details and asks the customer if they would like to make a payment.


Once this is done, the system immediately makes the payment, connecting between both banks.


Afterwords, the agent picks up the call and completes the conversation.


charging credit cards


What are the advantages of charging by card over the phone?


This system offers great benefits; both to the companies and to the clients who are going to make payments. Among the advantages we can highlight:


  • Manage transfers quickly
  • Offers PCI Level 1 transaction security, protecting exchanged data
  • Automated payment system: The agent won’t be able to hear any card information
  • I has annual economic and security controls. For example: Audits
  • Integrated into the PBX phone network, allowing companies to access much more features
  • Accessible at any time,  from anywhere in the world


Who can contract this service?


Fonvirtual has been offering this service since January 2019. A service focused on large companies that wish to have a virtual PBX system that provides quality customer service, as well as a stable internal communication system. Companies that, in turn, carry out a large number of monthly transactions.


What companies can these be?


  • Ecommerce
  • Call centers
  • Telemarketing companies
  • Telephone insurance sales
  • Companies renting products or services
  • Telephone advice
  • Donations, NGOs.
  • Etc.


If you would like, you can contact Fonvirtual’s commercial department and tell them what your services are, what your company is called, etc. They will be happy to advise our services and consult how they will fit into your business needs.


What do customers think of this service?


At Fonvirtual, we are already charging credit cards over the phone when a customer signs up for our services. At first, this was news to most of our clients. Then they would ask to pay over the phone because they preferred it that way.


However, now with new features, the speed and security phone payments have to offer, customers love taking card payments over the phone.


Depending on the type of company, and above all, the type of clients that each one of them has, this service depends on the company’s structure. One thing that we know for sure is that clients will not stick around unless they feel that their payments are secure.