There is no exact way to use a PBX phone system, but each brand or company uses its own way of working. The final product presented varies around several factors, such as skills, team experience, previously defined priorities, years of experience, etc. Inserting a PBX phone system inside the company has already become a fundamental resource. The function that this service plays, as well as the interest that it occupies, justifies the fact that all companies, be they small, medium or large, choose to integrate a PBX phone system within their organizations. The management of calls and the quality of customer service require care and time, so it is important to assign this matter to professionals. Professional telephone systems are the mainstay of all companies, despite the existence of multiple alternatives such as electronic messaging or chat. The reality for most companies is that, in one way or another, the computer service has become the owner of all this technology The service offered by Fonvirtual can be very helpful and useful for your company. You will be able to choose the service that best suits your business needs and the implementation of the service will be simple and easy. You will thus enjoy a technology that offers multiple qualities and a qualified team that will assist you with any problem or doubt. The great variety of functionalities, with economic rates, allows companies to grow exponentially without investing in new facilities or new equipment. It is a tailor-made telephone service, without permanence, with services ranging from 900 and 902 numbers to give a more professional image to your business, to click to call services that allow your customers to contact you without being charged for it. Another of the services offered by Fonvirtual is video conferencing. With this, you will be able to organize your meetings or trainings to your employees from any device and from anywhere in the world, with HD quality. As well as the virtual fax service, which gives you the ability to integrate your fax number to your email. You can get a new number or port the one you already have for free. Also, with the virtual PBX phone system you will enjoy unimaginable functionalities that will cover all the needs of your organization.

Why choose Fonvirtual´s PBX phone system?

In addition to all the services mentioned above, what characterizes us is that all these services are offered with WebRTC extension, a new technology developed by Google. With this technology, you will be able to work, from now on, without having the limitation of doing it from the office, nor from a single computer. Thanks to this extension you will have the choice of using the device connected to the Internet that you want to carry out your tasks, receive and make calls, etc. It is as simple as connecting through an identifier that we will give you, and everything will work from your computer, mobile (App) or tablet.   managing-pbx

Manage your calls with a PBX phone system

With Fonvirtual, you will enjoy a Call Center accessible from wherever you want. Your collaborators will have a menu of choice to contact your company, to local and international fixed numbers, which may be ported or new. They will also be able to contact you through your web page or your app. With this ACD Cloud service and the ubiquity of the agents, the call center software will be manageable from the cloud, thanks to this new VoIP telephony, the WebRTC. You will have the ability to do all telephone operations with the ease and simplicity that you won’t find anywhere else, and also with the advantage of not having to install or buy new equipment or phones. Trust the management of your calls to Fonvirtual, a company with a good reputation in the sector of telephone services for companies and recognized in the telecommunications field. Our professional team will be at your disposal at all times to answer your queries and help you choose the configuration of your service that suits you best. We will dedicate all our efforts to take the management of your business calls to the top, and thus achieve a growth of your business. Thanks to the advantages of our services such as the PBX phone system, you will be able to reach the objectives you propose, at a lower effort and cost.

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