Many companies have the necessity to make calls abroad because of their work activity; one of the main reasons for this is that they are looking forward to expanding their business activities. The problem is that such calls involve very high costs that can be detrimental to the company’s performance. Let’s see the outbound call center solution for these cases.

Calls made to a foreign telephone number will always show the number of the country of residence from which the call is being made, this means that for any customer or company, these numbers are not usually answered, because the first impression of the recipient of such a call is to think that foreign number will have extra costs.

Our outbound call center services help to solve these kinds of problems, the solution is new WebRTC technology, with this service all the companies can make calls from anywhere over the Internet. This allows showing the number chosen personally by the companies, being able to be both national and international. What the company gets with this service is to show a professional image for the customer that received a call from the enterprise.

The call center in India, for example, is a great reference in both call answering and call forwarding services, especially when outsourcing an outbound call center. This is due to the high qualification of the agents in this country, and the large number of people living there who are able to speak different languages.


Advantages of the outbound call center


outbound call center


With the call center software services we try to promote the emission of calls and show companies that the outbound call center service does not require any type of installation, so it is very convenient to use anywhere. Its main purpose is to promote online services.

Call forwarding through the outbound call center is a clear example of how technology is evolving in all senses since the services that Fonvirtual offers can be used from an application in the mobile or in the computer. Any company will have access from anywhere in the world, and the best part is that this service has competitive prices.

One of the outbound call center features is call recording. The purpose of this functionality is to collect relevant information from calls already made between agent and customer. The recordings made will be stored in a database, that is, in the cloud. For this reason, this service is called a cloud call center.

Another of the functionalities of this service are the statistics, capable of recording and managing the calls made in the company. Call forwarding through the outbound call center is a clear example of this system, it means that the main function is to provide information to the company about who are main customers. This allows you to keep track of calls to keep the customer informed of any innovations in the company.

The most important thing for customers is the quality of the calls, in this case, some companies that offer these services do so poorly. Fonvirtual seeks to satisfy the customer, in this area providing an HD quality for all types of calls.

As a conclusion, the outbound call center service does not need another card or any other adapter, all you need is a solid internet connection to be able to make or receive calls wherever you are.

The leading company in this type of outbound call center service is Fonvirtual. It offers different services in addition to the already mentioned ones, and its main objective is to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. The call center agents will always be available to answer customer inquiries in the most professional way. A call manager will analyze these agents to make sure they are doing their job correctly.

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