It is a fact that the company’s call service is fundamental in order to build people’s opinion. All companies already know that a hosted contact center is something that necessary to have and improve continuously for engaging clients.


In a saturated market where competitivity is high, getting new potential clients is more expensive than keeping a loyal client. In consequence, optimizing contact centers or call center software resources must be a priority to companies.


The quality of the call service is very important since it makes a difference. It might be the reason why a client chooses your services over the competitors’. In spite, this concept is already clear we are going to proceed to explain the requisites for good call service.


There are many occasions to get in contact with potential clients such as direct contact at the store, phone calls, internet chat, or social media contact. The occasions are diverse but  no matter where the communication takes place it has to be a good quality communication, and it has to provide whatever the client was looking for (Information, a solution to a problem, buy something…). The hosted contact center is always a good solution for these companies.


The communication has to be friendly and as short as possible since shortness and an employee’s reactivity is usually associated to a quality service.


hosted contact center


Since Fonvirtual is a company specialized in telecommunications and particularly in phone systems, our pieces of advice will be orientated to phone communications with clients. Different important factors need to be taken into consideration when calling or answering a client’s call through a hosted contact center.

  • Voice and call quality

A good quality audio or voice is expected when a call is made or received. It is important that the call is not interrupted because of bad connection.

  • A 24 hours service.

Although clients know that employees are humans they still expect them to be available 24 hours every day. For small and medium companies this is literally impossible to have this availability but now there are solutions for this problem. This tool connects people who call to a voicemail so the company can call them later.

  • An effective and fast contact.

Effective and fast contact is a quite important factor. Who likes to wait half an hour for their call to be answered? No one. For a better call service, you should implement a call branch so clients calls are directed to the person they are looking for.

  • Clear information

A client will feel safe if he or she knows that the conversation is being recorded and saved. A message indicating that the call is going to be recorded can be the best solution to engage clients.

All these tips will allow you to improve your call service to engage clients and improve your company’s image. Many advantages are available once you subscribe to our products. Check our website Fonvirtual and take a look at our hosted contact center.



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