In terms of customer relations, we can find more and more internal or external services that manage company calls. Today, and due to the globalization that has increased competition significantly, customer service has taken a major role in business.

We must offer the best attention to our customers without having to invest a large amount of money in telephony, which in the case of opting for traditional PBXs or call centers can raise our costs.

In order to better manage your company’s communications and adapt it to your needs without ruining yourself, you must rely on Fonvirtual’s services. In this case, if your company is located in the UK, you should opt for an efficient UK call center software.


Importance and challenges of the call center software


The call center software is responsible for managing incoming and outgoing calls from your company and can be located on your premises or in an off-site location of your production or sales locations. You can also hire an external UK call center to a company that offers this service.

In order to give a better company image, entrepreneurs are giving more and more importance to the management of their calls. The UK call center is a sensitive point of the company that should not be overlooked.


UK call center


Outsource your UK call center or not?


Some companies decide to outsource the management of their calls. This has a cost, but allows their teams to focus on the specific tasks of their activities. There are many offers that can be adapted to all types of structures.

Others prefer to have an internal UK call center, for financial or marketing reasons. In this case there are also a large number of offers available to meet the needs of any business.


Manage your internal UK call center


You can choose to manage your call center internally for a variety of reasons, but before you start, you must identify the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

You have the option to choose classic solutions that are sometimes expensive and can quickly become obsolete. Advances in the telecommunications sector are getting faster and faster and having an adaptable solution can become a priority in the decision.

Instead of large investments in the context of traditional solutions, a virtual PBX will allow you to simply pay a fixed monthly price and will fit your needs widely.

There are many companies in the market that offer mainly SIP telephony solutions. Fonvirtual on the other hand is one of the companies that bet on the innovative WebRTC technology.

The WebRTC technology developed by Google about 5 years ago, is compatible with all browsers, making it a fairly simple tool to use, flexible and without the need for additional installations. It also offers better sound quality thanks to its adaptability to the network. Its quality can vary greatly with respect to other IP solutions.


Fonvirtual’s solution


A virtual UK call center software allows you to answer all your calls wherever you are offering complete mobility. This way you will give the best service to your customers.

In addition, you can choose to keep any number or request a new one from the country of your choice through our national and international numbering services. For example, if your company is based in United Kingdom but manages its business from abroad, you can obtain a virtual phone number United Kingdom.

Thanks to the WebRTC technology on which our services are based, you won’t have to buy any equipment or expensive devices. Program your services with ease and manage your calls from any device connected to the Internet, whether it’s a computer, a mobile or a tablet.

Fonvirtual also offers a wide range of customizable functionalities that allow you to offer the most professional and tailored service to your customers with your UK call center.


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