A Better Understanding of the VoIP Virtual PBX

Smith, Emma

Publish: Monday, Aug 26
VoIP virtual PBX

Origin and Arrival of the VoIP Virtual PBX

Over time, we have witnessed the evolution of different forms of communication. Thanks to new information and technology, communication tools have transformed into a completely new dimension. This is especially true for telecommunications. Now we have the VoIP virtual PBX. First, thanks to the inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell, communication was just a matter of people able to speak to one another from a distance. Years later, telephone switches were born. After that, telephone systems have morphed into the VoIP virtual PBX. In business, the customer is an essential part of any marketing campaign, which eventually determines the company’s turnover. Having a good telephone network is important for perfecting your customer service. Over time, the volume of calls have also changed and has increased significantly. Managing these mass amount of calls has required the change for more modern telephone systems. Currently, in addition to the numerous telecommunication technologies that exist such as the PABX or TOIP is the VoIP virtual PBX.

Definition of a VoIP virtual PBX

The VoIP virtual PBX is a virtual telephone system that connects several telephone lines to the same device for better management and control of calls made and received each day.

The benefit of having a VoIP PBX

A VoIP PBX can be a luxury good for large companies. With the features offered by a virtual PBX, as well as its significantly lower costs, you may still receive high quality service for your small or medium sized company. The virtual PBX offers many advantages and guarantees an increase in productivity for your call center.   VoIP virtual PBX   The advantages of obtaining VoIP virtual PBX is below:

A minimum acquisition cost for changing from “analog” to “online”

Just the installation alone for a regular PBX phone system involves high costs and investment in materials. This doesn’t even include the maintenance fees and updates that it requires over time. Some may think that the same costs are associated with the VoIP virtual PBX. Contrary to popular belief, having a virtual PBX requires no additional equipment. You are able to access your calls entirely online. By connecting to your calls over the internet, you no longer need to pay for installation, updates or materials. This makes it easy for all companies, large or small, that are located anywhere in the world.

Less wiring involved in the configuration of telephone lines

When it comes to online phone services, no additional hardware is needed. Everything is being managed on the internet. Normally, a physical PBX includes phone cables as well. Once you make the switch to analog phones to being completely virtual, no cabling is necessary. Simply connect to the internet from your cell phone or computer and you no longer have to worry about messy cables.

Improved management of aspects related to the call center

With a traditional phone system, you have callers who wait on hold in a queue, messages, and the ability to transfer calls. With a virtual phone system, not only can you do all of those things, but there are many other features you may also manage. There is sound quality control, you can choose what music customers listen to while on hold, calls are transferred to the correct person each time, the list goes on. This VoIP virtual PBX operates online, making it an innovative and quick service.

A reliable marketing tool

Any company that sells goods or services have the goal of increasing their customer base. By increasing the amount of customers, you increase the amount of purchases. There is no better way to maintain this result unless you have high quality customer service. Thanks to the VoIP virtual PBX, you can avoid ever missing another call again.

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