Big data: Key to improving your company’s communication.

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 29

Millions of pieces of data are generated every day, which companies use to improve their processes. But how? The concept of Big Data refers to the storage and management of this massive amount of data for later use.

The implementation of Big Data technological solutions makes it possible to manage these large volumes of data, classifying and analysing them with great precision in order to turn them into a useful tool for the company.

The application of these tools in the company’s communication processes allows for a better understanding of customers and their needs, optimising decision-making. But how can a company benefit concretely from the application of these techniques? Read on to find out!

Big Data & Business Communication


Artificial Intelligence

If we talk about Big Data and business communication, we have to talk about Artificial Intelligence, as it is the nexus between the two. As you may have already heard, it is a system that aims to imitate human intelligence and even seeks to surpass it, becoming more efficient and accurate. To do this, it has to learn from human behaviour, but how? With nothing more and nothing less than Big Data, which feeds it with data that it analyses and classifies to extract patterns and learn.

However, we are not talking about a unidirectional feed from Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, but rather a feedback loop. On the one hand, Artificial Intelligence relies on Big Data to draw out patterns of human behaviour, but on the other hand, as it analyses this data in its search, it collects more information that is added to the Big Data database. Therefore, we can say that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence support each other to create a powerful analysis machine.

Application in business communication

As we have already mentioned, the storage and analysis of this data allows us to get to know our customers better. If we extrapolate this to communications, as a company we will be able to transmit personalised and valuable messages to each of them.

For the strategy to be effective, we must have integrated the different applications and programmes we use to contact the customer, without discarding any contact channel and have them all located in the cloud so that they can be nourished by the powerful combination of AI and Big Data.

This combination makes it possible to differentiate between different types of users, allowing us to address each of them in an organised way, and consequently, to obtain efficient responses to contacts, which will be beneficial for both the customer and the agent.

Virtual PBX software allows you to unify both external and internal communications on a single cloud platform. With this solution, you will be able to centralise information and improve your customer management thanks to efficient delivery functionalities. In addition, the PBX uses the power of Big Data to analyse and monitor your customer service KPIs in a simple and structured way so that you can correct faults and measure the performance of your activity. The PBX offers you language and gender identification, sentiment analysis and even biometric identification of your callers.


Benefits of applying Big Data together with Artificial Intelligence to your business communications


Efficiency in customer service

The use of Artificial Intelligence allows you to automate the most repetitive tasks of a customer service team, such as the confirmation of an appointment or the status of the order in progress, which in addition to generating savings, allows your agents to pay more attention to tasks of greater added value and thus offer higher quality.

Reduce errors

New technologies are very accurate, being able to detect errors and details that people do not easily see. This allows them to be solved quickly, reducing their negative impact and providing security and efficiency.


The use of voice or image biometrics solutions, which are based on Big Data, make it possible to know and recognise customers through the biometric data of their voice or image, making it very difficult to impersonate them.

Anticipating customer needs

These tools go a step further and anticipate what the customer needs. In addition, the time it would take an agent to analyse data manually is reduced, resulting in instant responses in customer interactions.

Always available

The combination of these tools is always available, so it doesn’t matter when they are used or whether there is a human behind them. This translates into 24/7 service, which will help build customer loyalty.

Multi-language service

Another of the advantages that these technologies bring to communication systems is the ability to provide service in different languages. With this functionality, you will be able to attend to each customer in the language they contact, offering personalised attention and facilitating communication.

Natural language processing

This advantage has given rise to the appearance of conversational systems based on artificial intelligence that are currently applied in a multitude of communication processes between people and machines.

Sentiment analysis

In addition, this combination of technologies is capable of detecting the tone of the conversation, allowing you to identify whether the communication is taking place in a smooth and pleasant manner or if there are traces of tension.


As you will have been able to verify, the application of these new technologies in your communications system will optimise the image of your company achieving a satisfactory user experience that will be translated into a good service and that, consequently, will manage to have happy customers, improving their commitment with the company.

In Fonvirtual we put at your disposal different solutions that combine these technologies adapting them to your needs, allowing you to offer a quality customer service and add value to your communications.


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