Generally marketing strategies tend to focus on getting new clients, forgetting about the value of retaining and engaging current customers. WebRTC calls allow companies to provide a quality customer service, and therefore improve the image of the business.

webrtc calls

There are many digital techniques that can be alternatives for traditional customer engagement processes, such as WebRTC calls. WebRTC calls are used to check if clients are content with the way the service is being provided and if clients are happy with the company.


Companies must continuously check up on clients to make them feel valued and supported by the company in case something is not going right with the service provided. An online call from time to time, without being a stalker, would give clients the safeness of having a company that cares about them.


WebRTC calls are not different for clients since they won’t notice the difference between a call made through the phone network, and one that is made through internet. On the contrary, the enterprise will notice the difference since the costs are lower with the use of IP lines.


Why is important to create brand loyalty with WebRTC calls?


The main reason is the profitability of the investment. Engaging customers is four to five times cheaper than getting a new customer, therefore investing in brand loyalty is more profitable.


The brand loyalty is an objective that is worth to achieve since it entails a serie of advantages that are difficult to get from gaining new clients. Some of these advantages are:


  • Recommendations: Clients who are loyal to the brand are more keen to recommend the company’s services to their acquaintances or post them on social media. This hardly ever happens with new clients.


  • Profitability: as it has named before, one of the main reasons why companies focus their marketing resources in engaging clients is the profitability of the investment.


  • Sales raise:  It becomes a purchase habit what increase the sales volume because of the repetitive use of the service/ product.

WebRTC calls are the latest digital technique that will generate loyalty towards the brand, spending less money and more efficiently. Check to know all the advantages and applications of the WebRTC calls. Find out how they can help you to engage your clients.

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