Knowing what customer loyalty is is vital for any company and should be one of the main objectives. When we talk about customer loyalty, we are talking about establishing bonds of loyalty, and as in any relationship, communication is fundamental. 

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and knowing what they expect on their next visit allows us to define more attractive products for them and often encourages them to use our services on an increasingly recurrent basis.

To this end, offering good customer service is key, as it is one of the pillars that allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

What is customer loyalty?

The objective of customer loyalty is to ensure that users who have purchased one of a company’s products or services in the past do so again. This is achieved through a series of marketing and customer care strategies and practices.  The key to customer loyalty is to achieve satisfied customers by providing a good management of interactions with them and a positive user experience in the relationship with our company. 

An effective loyalty strategy seeks to meet the needs of the customer by responding to their requests both in terms of service and in the treatment and relationship that they maintain with the company over time, seeking personalised attention, knowing their preferences and needs and responding to or even exceeding their expectations.


The importance of customer loyalty

As we have said, customer loyalty is a process that consists of developing a positive relationship between consumers and the company, so that they return to buy more products or services, but its relevance goes beyond that.

The loyalty of our customers will increase the volume of sales and will favour the process of customer acquisition, as a loyal and satisfied customer is the best letter of recommendation. Establishing an emotional bond with the customer will result in them buying again, but also in them recommending you spontaneously and in a real way to their environment due to the good experience they have had with your company. 

In addition, it is not only beneficial because it allows the business to grow, but also because it is a great help to maintain a fixed income that helps us to sustain it. There is also the fact that it is cheaper and quicker for any business to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones.

For all these reasons, companies pay special attention to achieving these bonds of union through the application of customer loyalty systems.

Why does customer service play a key role in customer loyalty?

Loyalty is based on the trust generated through the different positive interactions that the customer has had with the brand. 

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars in relationships between people, which is why special care must be taken. If in interpersonal relationships trust is generated from human contact, in those between company and client it is no less important, since when establishing any type of relationship, trust is a fundamental factor. From a business perspective, customer services are the greatest generator of this connection, which, if positive, will translate into brand loyalty.

To provide good customer service, it is essential to have the right tools in place. Nowadays, due to digitalisation, there are multiple communication channels, and therefore, in order to show a good image, companies must offer as many as possible. By doing so, they can show that they are involved with their customers and that they want to make it easier for them to get in touch with the company. 

Being able to manage a wide variety of communication channels with which to offer customer service can be a challenge for companies. But thanks to technological advances, there are tools that make management easier, such as virtual PBX. Some of these solutions unify all contact channels on a single platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, requiring only a device with an internet connection. 

These types of solutions allow companies to offer a quality customer service that results in a satisfactory experience for the customer and fosters a relationship of trust between them.


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