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Sometimes it’s not easy to draw the line between your working day and your free time, that´s why we bring you an effective solution for it: the business cloud PBX or virtual PBX. However, it is a little bit easier to detect when your professional life encroaches upon your personal life. The situations can be the following:

  • When you are spending time with your family but mentally you are in the office and you cannot stop looking at the screen of your phone.
  • When you take your documents home so that you can continue working.
  • When the worries experienced at work earlier during the day affect your private conversations and you share details about them with your close entourage.

Does any of these situations sound familiar? It is very important to differentiate between your professional and your personal life for the well-being of your family, friends and yours, of course. You might be juggling more duties: being involved in a team sport, in your child’s school activities, in local community services or more. However, it is necessary to learn to prioritize your tasks in order not to mess up.


Here are some advices how to fight this problem:

  • Realise what are your distractions at the office: It is easy and very tempting to get distracted at work. There are many ways of getting distracted and the main reason could be your smartphone. Try to resist it.
  • Find out when can you concentrate the most: It is impossible to pay attention during the whole working day and you know it. Incorporate breaks depending on your productivity and your duties.
  • Stop procrastinating: Stay concentrated and finish all your duties. Once you get home, you will be calmer.  
  • Create a habit: Creating a routine or a habit will unconsciously help you define the time you spend working and your free time.
  • Allow yourself time-off: Your objective is to disconnect: sport, cinema, seeing your friends. This change in your schedule will bring a breath of fresh air into your life.  
  • Manage your calls effectively: Offer your clients a contact number, which will allow you to stay on the move. The incoming calls are unpredictable but manageable thanks to a business cloud PBX. You will be able to forward calls, leave welcome messages, indicate your business hours etc. The image will be professional and you will improve your flexibility.


We understand that often it’s easier said than done. Our advice will help you manage your duties effectively and more calmly. Spark a virtuous circle, invest in changing your habits and improve not only your personal well-being but also the relation with your family and friends. Fonvirtual will provide you with a business cloud PBX for solving al these problems.


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