Business hosted PBX is a perfect solution for coworking spaces, since it offers adequate advantages and characteristics for this type of spaces.

What is a coworking space?


PBX for coworking


A coworking space is a shared workspace for independent professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields. It is an efficient use of the work space, since it fits perfectly with each worker needs and it entails great savings due to costs reductions of not using bigger facilities.

The idea of coworking  promotes bringing brilliant, creative and hardworking people together for the purpose of working independently in their own projects. At the same time it creates a community in which ideas can collide and where workers can find a support system.

These spaces usually have shared services such as WIFI, cleaning, printer, electricity, water …etc.

Since they are entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and independent companies, they don’t have phone or call center software services. They don’t have it because of the need of independent phone numbers to reach them and contact their businesses.


What is a business hosted PBX and what are its advantages for coworking spaces?


The calls that are made to your business main landline phone number, the one that everyone identifies your company with, can be deviated to other landline or cell phone lines thanks to the business hosted PBX, or what is the same, the virtual PBX.

In addition it offers multiple features such as:


  • Recorded messages: every type of recorded messages, such as welcome messages,schedule of customer service, holidays…etc


  • Call branching: allows the distribution of your different phone calls among different extensions depending on the reason of the call. In a coworking space it is particularly useful for small and medium companies and for workers whose colleagues are not in the coworking space.


  • Call recording: The possibility of recording calls is very useful to any type of business because of  the transparency image it shows and because of the possibility of saving information that can be found on the call.


  • Voice mail: The business hosted PBX allows you to receive a report of calls that haven’t been answered via email


  • Call queueing: Queueing the phone calls you can not handle with music until they can be handled.                           


  • Statistics: this functionality offers a report to analyze all your call service data.


These features among others are what make the business hosted PBX  such an incredibly useful tool for businesses in coworking spaces.


How does this actually work?


virtual PBX coworking space

Showing the  professional image of your main contact phone number at the same time you enjoy mobility and flexibility in your calls is possible thanks to the virtual PBX and its call deviations to landlines and cell phone lines.

Clients would call to your company landline contact phone number, and the business hosted PBX allows receiving those calls wherever and whenever in the phone line of your preference.

This is a great solution for satisfying the needs of businesses, which operate at coworking spaces, since it avoids the usual PBX services rigidity at traditional offices and it also offers mobility with no limitation or worries of missing calls.

In case your business already has a consolidated main phone number, for which all your clients and providers recognize your company, there is no problem since offers you the possibility of porting that number and enjoying all the business hosted PBX benefits.

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