Some time ago we shared an article about Business Analytics that allows companies to improve decision making by having the right information at the right time and using it as a complement to other company tools. Today we want to tell you a little more about Business Intelligence and how to couple this technique with your communication system within your company.

Therefore, we are going to see what Business Intelligence is and how it can help you improve the commercial performance of your employees.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI), also known as Decisional Computing or Business Intelligence, refers to all the processes necessary to monitor a professional activity in order to help make appropriate decisions, thanks to the information collected, its subsequent processing and analysis. It is a data-based decision support system.

Business Intelligence allows managers to make better decisions about the company’s key vectors: sales, marketing and finance, helping them to identify market trends and make reliable forecasts that lead to a good knowledge of existing opportunities and consequently to the increase in sales. It also helps to gain a better understanding and knowledge of customers and spot business issues that need to be resolved within teams.

Advantages of Business Intelligence

Solutions The use of Business Intelligence solutions within a company offers many advantages. Here are a few:

  • Improved visibility by identifying areas that need attention.
  • Get an overview of existing opportunities in the market.
  • Fast and efficient data analysis.
  • Knowledge and understanding of potential and current customers.
  • Increase in productivity and sales
  • Optimization of customer service.


How can Business Intelligence improve the business performance of our employees?

Today there are different communication channels that serve both to attract new customers and to respond to customer requests. Although the telephone is still one of the preferred channels for customers, more and more people prefer to establish contact through new methods, such as instant messaging or video calls. The use of laptops, tablets and PCs has strongly influenced the use of these new means of communication.

By integrating an effective communication system, such as call center software, with good company CRM, employees can easily implement Business Intelligence. Indeed, during an interaction, whatever it may be, agents will be able collect data from external sources, include it in real time in internal systems, and then be analyzed by experts who must draw the pertinent conclusions. This collection and analysis of essential information will improve strategic decision making for the company.

Our 100% integrated communications platform in the cloud allows, from a single interface, to manage all internal and external interactions, both by voice and by instant messaging or videoconference. Being integrated into the CRM, the employee will have automatic access to customer data and will be able to update their information, their needs, their suggestions. This allows the company not only to have real information and better understand the needs of its audience, but also to obtain concrete information on the performance of customer service and optimize it.

It will analyze all the data from the interactions received and processed by each of the agents to generate reports and transfer the analytical results to decision makers who, thanks to them, will be able to make better decisions.

As you may have noticed, Business Intelligence can be applied to all professional aspects of companies and allows them to obtain essential information to make better decisions. If you want to know more about our business communication solutions, contact us!

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