Business telephony is a fundamental element that companies must deal with and contract with security, as it depends, in most situations, on the relationships and links that are created with customers and suppliers.

This business telephony service offered by Fonvirtual integrates different technologies used for business communication, such as VoIP WebRTC calls, a novel voice telephony based on open source software, which you can access through the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

If you receive a large volume of calls, you send communications from and to different parts of the world or you need to reduce costs, this virtual business telephony is the right one to carry out this activity effectively.

At Fonvirtual we specialise in the area of telecommunications and we ensure that our clients obtain optimum results. When you request our services you will get a telephony service for your company that will allow you to make quality calls and simply have access to the Internet.


Why is our business telephony different?


We offer a unique control for your own telephony, as everything is registered in the cloud. You will be able to access the calls, through recordings or statistics, being able to save all the information. You will be able to know how many calls are made, the time spent, who receives or makes the calls…, in other words, you will be able to establish greater control over the company’s communication processes, as well as gather more information about customers.

In order to make your company’s telephony more effective, locutions can be made in another language. This way you can expand globally more easily. In addition, you can show your international virtual number that Fonvirtual can offer you. A way to generate more trust towards your foreign clients.

We know how long a business call can last, that’s why, with our business telephony, you can make and receive calls at a fixed price with our outgoing calls bonus.


business telephony


Additional Advantages of Business Telephony


Other advantages of the business telephony offered by Fonvirtual that allows you to make and manage your calls are the following:

  •   Caller ID: When you receive a call, the number will appear on the screen with a prefix that will allow you to identify the phone number and the origin.


  •  Waiting queue with music: A voice message during that small wait, while background music is playing, will make the waiting more pleasant. As a result, your customer will feel valued and will continue to prefer your services.


  • Configuration: control of business telephony belongs to you. You decide what changes you want to make and also what you want to keep.

In Fonvirtual’s business telephony we give you the extensions you need and the ability to transfer your calls wherever you want. In addition to other features such as voicemail.


Choose business telephony of Fonvirtual


We have the ability to get numbers from a wide variety of countries. For detailed information on available countries, please visit our website.

We are a company dedicated to consulting and services in telecommunications, as well as technology solutions providers.

If your company is expanding, you will probably need a virtual PBX that allows you to continue communicating with your fixed number but adding new extensions, which will not be limited by your geographical location.

Or, if you want a large volume of calls and manage even more the relationship with your customers, bet on Fonvirtual call center software.

At Fonvirtual we offer an efficient business telephone network, with rates that adapt perfectly to your budget. In addition, since we respect your autonomy, we do not tie you to a permanence. You decide when to unsubscribe or modify the conditions of your telephone service.

If you are looking for an excellent business telephony service, visit our website to learn about the different plans we have for you.

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