Many people start to buy on the Internet because of its comfort and facility. But not all that glitters is gold, and many of us know somebody who has had an unpleasant surprise with online shopping. Therefore having a virtual number has become a priority for those who operate in e-commerce.

There are thousands of e-commerce websites, but not all of them are a good option to buy the products you need. Many of them will not offer you the buying experience you need, and you will probably feel defrauded.

The most common problem derived from buying online is to buy an article that is not exactly as you thought it was. The typical case of a dress that on the website seems to be elegant and wonderful, and when it arrives, it happens to be quite different.

You also may have a problem with the sizes of the products. For example, you think you are buying a hammock for the terrace, and indeed it is for the terrace but of the dollhouse.

But calm down, there are a lot of ways to not let these situations to happen. If we investigate a little bit, and we keep in mind the following tips that we are going to share with you, it is really probably you will have a successful purchase.


1) Trusted shops

To decide to buy on e-commerce, we need to inform ourselves about our right as a consumer, and who is responsible in the case we want to claim for any reason.

Thus, the company should provide complete information about their activity methods, responsible people and policies that will build trust.

Before giving your personal details on the website, it is also important to watch out if the page sends the information using the secure communication protocol: https, and what will the company do with the details you give them.


2) Payment methods

If the page offers you not well-known payment methods, which cannot ensure you any guarantee, the best what you can do is to cancel the purchase and make it on another site. And of course, never pay in cash via the Internet since you never know from where the money comes and where it goes.

Paying by PayPal or e-cards, the cards that are exclusive for buying online, are the ideal options to avoid shocks. But, if you decide to pay by your usual cards, remember not to give your PIN.

It is really important to keep the receipt. Every information we keep will give us an assurance when we want to claim if we are not satisfied with our purchase or with the received services. Many people rely too much on the shop and do not keep any document, and that can difficult the solution in case of any problem.


3) Careful with the frauds

If you see that they offer you bargains and products at an excessively low price, in comparison to the competitors, be careful. Normally the fraudulent websites use this type of methods as bait to fraud.

The most common frauds are the phishing, which tries to capture your personal and bank details by pretending to be a trustful website and then sell your data to third parts, and the carding which refers to the fraudulent use of card numbering applicable to buy on the Internet.

On the Internet, it is better to be a skeptic by nature and question everything that they offer you to be sure that they are not trying to trick you.



4) Contact number

Make sure that the company has a number you can use to claim, inform yourself or solve any doubt you have. The virtual number is a great option for these businesses, as they do not require additional installations or devices, and offer numbering of any country, to give a more international image to the company. Normally a virtual number from our country will give us more trust than a foreign number.

Also, it is important that the company you are calling have a virtual PBX since organizing better the calls and offering a good call reception can be translated as trust and security. It gives a good company image with good basics.

Many companies operate in different parts of the world and do not have a virtual number of each country, what can slow down the customers from countries that do not have a virtual number for them. For that reason, the international phone number is so important.


5) Watch out for the information

To not take any unexpected surprises the information about the dimensions, materials, and condition in what we are going to receive the product are essential. It is really difficult to perceive how the product from the photo is in real life. The Photoshop, play on perspectives, and other photographic tricks can mislead your eyes.

You should also be aware of both, delivery and renounce time. It is really important to know it so we can know when should we claim for it and if the waiting time is worth it.

The delivery cost is another detail that should be given on the website. Do not trust any payment if there is no information about the delivery cost because it is possible they will ask you to pay more than you were ready to pay.

Take advantage of the opinion and comments of other buyers. If you see there are a lot of negative comments, it is possible there is a catch.


Despite there are some products I would never recommend to buy on the Internet without previously seeing it in person, most of them, you can, always keeping in mind the matters we have described in this article. You only need to be a little bit careful and inform yourself as much as possible to ensure a satisfactory purchase. What are you waiting for?