The online world is increasingly generating huge amounts of money. E-Commerce is the latest trend and this type of store keeps growing year after year. Furthermore, other companies have started to sell online through suppliers like Amazon or eBay, and they are already using a call button. 


Thanks to the advantages internet offers, many users have taken a step forward online market, without the need of a physical store and offering their products and services through online tools (social media, website….) and a good logistic as a support to deliver  products more rapidly and efficiently to clients and having a good client service.


The logistic or distribution department with the marketing one has to be the most important to E-commerce.


  • Logistics: It is fundamental to have a good distribution system in order to reduce storage costs and being able to deliver products to clients who ask for them in the shortest period of time possible without any damage. If your company is not big enough to have your own distribution system you could always outsource this service with companies in this field.


  • Marketing: If you sell through the internet you would need to attract customers into your web page and convince them your offer is the most suitable for them. This is achieved through online marketing, managing correctly your website, your social media profiles, the corporative blog


If you only sell online, these are the two departments you would have to invest in the most. Besides, your business’s nature and the environment in which it operates would force you to have good clients call service. Deliveries could have any problem such as delays at the delivery time, damaged goods, mistakes in products…. etc. And your web, no matter how clear and intuitive it is would always generate visitors some doubts. Furthermore many would need to contact you in order to check that there is someone behind the website and to make sure everything he or she has read on the website is correct. This will be solved by offering your clients ways to contact you without spending too much in it. The best solution for your Ecommerce is without any doubt, adding a call button in your web, an unordinary and efficient way for your clients to contact you without any costs through the click to call button.


What is a call button?


A call button is a button which is added to a website and it allows anyone who presses to automatically get in touch with the person in charge of the website´s customer service. It doesn´t have any cost contact to the business or the client. Furthermore, it is an unordinary and effective model for e-commerce and it entails a set of important advantages:


  1. Rise in your sales: your web activity would raise and it would increase the number of people who contact and customers would spend more time in your website so the bounce rate will decrease. This is quite convenient for your website’s SEO and it will help you to be in the first positions of the main browsers.


  1.  More attractive website : The button gives your website an unordinary look, plus you could customize it and adjust it to the corporative colours, making it as “beautiful”.


  1. Free for both sides:  None of the visitors who uses this button would have to pay anything not even a dime. Furthermore, you will only have to pay a fixed amount monthly or annual avoiding surprises at the end of the monthly bill.


  1. Add functionalities to make it more efficient: you could set any type of functionalities such as welcome recorded messages, set schedules, call branching…etc.


These are only some of the advantages you will get thanks to the call button, plus its implementation is quite easy and works in any field. Sign in for your call button with, contact us calling to 914891046 or email us to

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