Barcelona has some of the most dedicated spaces for call centers compared to other major cities. Businesses that use call centers are typically dedicated to their telemarketing and customer service. Call centers are usually outsourced.

A call center in Barcelona is a space where people are responsible for offering some kind of customer service or sales over the phone.


A call center in Barcelona is one of many, especially for being located in such a large and diverse city. Although these call centers are outsourced services, companies keep close contact and control on how customer service is handled.


As new technology evolves everyday, more call centers have been closing their doors. Companies have found other solutions. Now, you can create a contact center from any location, using WebRTC technology. These means you no longer need a physical office. You can control your call center virtually, from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access.


How do outsourced call centers work?


Outsourced call centers are located in large spaces where agents sit in front of a computer.

They are able to make calls using headphones and a microphone that is connected to the computer.


In this type of space, both outgoing and incoming calls are made. However, it is normal for spaces to be divided depending on who is making calls and who is answering calls.


Call centers where outgoing calls are made are usually automated. Information stored in a database allows the call center software system to automatically launch new calls.


These intelligent systems are able to assign incoming calls to the correct corresponding agent. The agents skills are predetermined during the configuration process. That way, when a customer calls, they are able to select certain menu options to be directed to the correct agent.

call center in barcelona


New technologies and call centers


Call centers that do not incorporate new technologies into their system are beginning to close their doors.


Companies are becoming more committed to customer service and the use of a virtual call center software. This is because they are able to manually make changes and change configurations when needed. There is no need for large investments in equipment and extra office space.


A call center in Barcelona is no different. When a city is committed to technological improvements, they have already implemented new technologies such as WebRTC as a part of their business.


What are some of the benefits that WebRTC provides to a call center in Barcelona?


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology offers great benefits to call center companies, companies that hire external call centers, and employees themselves:


  1. A call center software that uses WebRTC does not require any large investments. There is no need for IP phones, maintenance or installation costs. This is because WebRTC transmits calls through extensions through the internet. From any connected computer or device, agents can make and receive calls.


  1. Configurations are done virtually. There is no need to hire technicians or specialists to make configurations. You can make these changes through a virtual panel.


  1. Total ubiquity for the company and workers. WebRTC extensions work from any place, from any internet connected device. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for all employees to be in the same place. They can work from anywhere as long as they have internet access.


  1. Cost savings and ease of work. All of this results in great cost savings for companies. With fewer offices and being located anywhere, companies may improve their customer services substantially.


A Call Center in Barcelona, thanks to Fonvirtual


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In addition, our employees will always be willing to help you with everything you need, as well as make any changes or modifications to the configuration.


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