With the rise and development of new technologies, we are facing an era in which customer demands are constantly growing. Customers expect their problems and concerns to be resolved in real time and as quickly as possible. This is why call center companies have decided to hire the software call center service.


This is how needs grow and demand increases. Thus, for all companies, the main objective is to remotely manage relationships with current and potential customers. This is achieved through direct communication based on telephony. 

Within society, customer relationship management occupies a very important place. This procedure tries to maintain an effective interaction with customers, as well as identify the movements that follow, in order to detect their needs. Identifying and satisfying the needs of customers represents the most important phase. It allows the company to concentrate its strengths in order to offer a quality service.

Today, however, companies have demonstrated the good use of technology and show a software that can be used to manage telephone calls. Thanks to technology, calls can be answered on the spot. In this way, the call center companies ensures the satisfaction of its customers and the well-being of its employees.


What is a Call Center Software for call center companies?

To simplify, a Call Center software or cloud contact center is a computer program used for telecommunication. It is a software solution that aims to develop a telemarketing strategy and elaborate customer management processes intelligently.

This tool, which aims to offer unified communications, has become a true commercial management tool. It is indispensable for all companies, whatever their size, that hope to evolve towards a promising future.

A customer who is responded to quickly, with the fluidity of interaction and without waiting too long, will surely become a loyal customer after a certain period of time. Therefore, for an agency dedicated to this, it is important to show seriousness, a very good organization and good call management. On the contrary, a potential client who waits a long time on the other side of the telephone will feel dissatisfied with the service in the event of requiring urgent information about something. There will be a risk that he will not contact the company again when there is another demand.

The Call Center software is a solution, linking computing and telephony that allows to make calls with a single click and have fluidity in the incoming calls of the company. In this ultra-competitive world of today’s economy, call center companies are often oriented towards intelligent automatization, being an optimal way to achieve their objectives.

Intelligent automation has the power to connect company-wide communication channels to provide a unit image to the customer. In addition, this confluence of technologies can also help Call Center operators maintain complete histories of previous communications. This will enable them to respond systematically to customers.


Why having a Call Center software in your company?


The reputation and image of the company are linked to the number of relationships they have. The telephone attention is essential for any company and can be linked to the increase of business profits if the company offers a good customer service. If the company fails to meet all demands, it runs the risk of disappointing some of its customers and even losing them.

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The advantages of Fonvirtual’s Call Center software for call center companies


  • The mobility capacity translates into the ubiquity that allows the agents and call manager work anywhere. This is thanks to the innovation of  Voice over IP: the WebRTC telephony.
  • It offers the capacity to easily attend to a greater number of calls, as it adapts the number of agents to the immediate needs of the Cloud Contact Center.
  • Reliability, thanks to WebRTC technology, which has lower requirements than traditional IP Voice, ensures HD quality for your calls.
  • Numerous functionalities: call identification, voicemail, statistics, call logging, IVR, call transcription and other classic configurations that we offer.


The Call Center software will allow your company to offer a reliable and efficient customer service. Contact Fonvirtual to find out more and become a call center company.



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