The International Presence of the Fonvirtual Call Center

A call center in english allows you to speak with customers globally. Fonvirtual offers a call center software service that is present in more than 30 different countries and languages. Your virtual telephone service is easily accessible and does not require complicated installations. Simply log in from any web browser to receive your calls.The call center software can be used on any device. You can make and receive calls from your cell phone or computer. You can find Fonvirtual phone services in Germany, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and more.


Fonvirtual in English-speaking countries

Of the 31 different countries where Fonvirtual call center services are in operation, there are quite a few English-speaking countries. These include mostly England and the United States.


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Fonvirtual in England 


In case you didn’t already know, England has a very powerful economy. It is the third strongest economic power in Europe. Most multinational companies are based here. A call center in english is needed for most of these companies in order to communicate at a universal scale.

For companies that come from any city in England, such as Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester, the process of assigning an international virtual phone number is quite simple. You can choose to keep the phone number you already own by requesting to port the number, or you can request for another number. Fonvirtual also offers all of its features under no permanent contracts.


A call center in english has many different features, including:


  • A voicemail service entirely in english
  • A virtual landline number for the city of London that allows you to call a discounted rate regardless of the operator used. This includes Giff Gaff, T-Mobile, Orange, Three, Virgin, Vodafone and One.Tel
  • Caller ID, which makes it possible to differentiate between the types of calls received for your call center in english
  • Encrypted reports and statistics of all call center activities and calls in english
  • Recording of all calls received and issued in the call center software
  •  Administration management of the call center software  according to local time in England.



Fonvirtual in the United States


The United States of America is home to more than 310 million consumers who need high-performance English call centers to satisfy their large population. It is worth investing in a call center in english for the US.  The US is one of the top leading countries in regards to economy, regardless of the industry. That is why Fonvirtual offers call center services in English to French companies that may want to enter the US market, for example. More than 3,600 French companies are present in the US, making up 27.4 billion euros combined.

Whether your headquarters is in Paris, Madrid, London or Lisbon, a call center in english from Fonvirtual is accessible and available throughout the United States. All you need to do is make a suggestion to your company to switch to an english call center software from Fonvirtual. Everything related to your call center is available in english, from messages to call center management. Everything is personalized in english so that your english-speaking clients can be understood and have solutions for all their questions.

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