Call Center Features That Will Help Improve Your Business

Smith, Emma

Publish: Friday, Sep 13
call center features


Different call center features can be found in most customer service departments. In order for companies to maintain communication with their customers, they typically have a customer service center or a call center. By speaking with customers directly, you  are given the perfect opportunity to talk about other services you provide to your customers. This allows you to give assistance to your customers and spread the word about your company globally.

Do you want to know what kind of features are available in a call center? By combining digital tools with a telephone network, as well as agent supervision, you can drastically improve your customer service.


What is a call center?


A call center is a work space, typically with phone lines and computers, that receives an abundance of calls each day. These calls are answered by specialized customer service agents. Call centers make and receive calls each day in order to exceed customer service expectations.


Call centers are used by both private and public companies with multiple offices. Among these companies, most see a responsibility in technical support, sales, and assist with general issues or information to customers.


Call center features, such as managing calls and digitizing them, can help keep you in constant communication with customers. This allows you to increase profits and reduce costs.




The main characteristics of a call center are the following:


  • Manage a large number of calls (incoming and outgoing) from customers.
  • A completely integrated telephone system, meaning you can work from multiple offices or locations.
  • Provides a centralized telephone service to companies
  • Provides support for the daily operations of the company
  • The person who is responsible for answering and making calls is called an operator or an agent
  • Responsible for establishing relationships between the user and the company, which benefits both parties
  • By using it as the main means of communication with users, it reduces company costs


What is the functions?


The function of a call center is determined by the company. They fulfill various functions such as staying in communication with customers, business partners and suppliers.


Call center features include selling products, conducting surveys, offering products and receiving calls; placing orders, record incidents or simply answer customer questions or concerns.


call center features


Types of Call Centers


Today, there are many different types of call centers. Each type will benefit your company differently  based on your current business model.


Incoming models: This model is the most used call center model on the market. In this model, the customer is the one who makes the calls. Operators support customers or answer questions about the products and services offered by the company. Similarly, it allows operators to generate new customers. This call center features inbound calling.


Outgoing models: This model is the opposite of an incoming model. In this case, the company is responsible for making calls. This model is typically used for conducting surveys, scheduling interviews or for sales. This call center features outbound calls.


Virtual models: This model is also known as a call center software. It is one of the most innovative models used today This model works hand in hand with the internet in order to become completely virtual. Its platform consists of making calls via the internet with intelligent call center features that add efficiency. Online chats also facilitate the transfer of information between workers in real time. You can also connect with customers via the online chat or calling directly from your website.


What features does the call center have?


Call centers work in different ways. Everything depends on the complexity of the individual call center. At the end of the day, they all share the same purpose: assisting customers. Call centers use a router to distribute calls, all from a single customer service phone number. If 10 calls occur at the same time, the router is able to automatically distribute the calls to the next available operator.


When discussing call center features, we already know that the larger the company, the more complex their call center is. Banks, for example, are international corporations. They use a distribution system called IVR. This system consists of voice recognition that answers calls automatically. Next, it tells users the options to follow. With this method, callers do not always need to speak to an operator since the automated messages will guide them to solve the issue.


Structure of a call center


Call centers are generally composed of: operation managers, analysts, telephone operators, quality assurance agents, operation support specialists, and tech support.


Additionally, some may have a database analyst that handles statistical information. A call center features all of the departments and people necessary to provide the best customer service available.

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