To ensure effective call management, companies sometimes rely on external companies to deliver this important customer relationship mission. Others choose, for marketing or even economic reasons, to provide this service internally by having their own call center office.

Do you want to install and organize your company call center? Fonvirtual can help you to do this in the easiest and simplest way thanks to its innovative solutions.

In the field of customer relations, a successful call is the best guarantee of quality for your company. 

Enabling a call center internally in the office is an essential point to ensure better management of telephone calls by workers. It is essential that they can work in a pleasant environment, despite the proximity to other employees.

Indeed, a quality call without cuts or noises is a fundamental pillar for the good organization of a call center. The least possible material, easy to use and a pleasant working environment motivate agents to give the best possible customer service.

The company’s customers will appreciate the contact with happy employees, who can thus give them greater telephone attention. 

To improve the service provided to customers, kindness and willingness to satisfy are paramount. This is one of the main challenges in the effectiveness of a call center software.

What solutions exist to manage a call center office in an easy and innovative way? Let´s see some of them.


What a call center office bring to the company if it is managed internally


The call center software, responsible for the management of incoming and outgoing calls of the company, is a key point in each organization. The challenges of marketing and the globalization of trade drive companies to organize better and better the management of their relationships with customers. 

What do new technologies bring to this field? What innovations allow the company to increase its telephone attention while reducing its telecommunications budget? 

Fonvirtual offers the new WebRTC technology for your virtual PBX or call center office. The benefits of this technology for the management of corporate calls are unbeatable.




In Fonvirtual we propose you to install your virtual PBX or call center software to guarantee the best possible tasks that correspond to the management, control and monitoring of calls.

This is why a call center office with WebRTC technology allow the transmission of calls over the Internet, without having to install or buy anything, being able to access all calls from the computer or smartphone.

Thanks to the WebRTC technology offered by Fonvirtual, rather than the SIP protocol, it allows you to save significantly and manage the entire enterprise communications system from the cloud. 

The quality of your communications will be much better, as WebRTC technology has excellent adaptability at all times to variations in connection quality. You’ll enjoy HD sound quality and won’t suffer cuts or noises, as is often the case with classic telephony solutions.

So you can answer every call from anywhere in the world and from any device connected to the Internet. You’ll enjoy features that will add value to your business, such as voice-overs, voice menu, call recording, different settings based on your opening hours and days, call transfer and more.

Therefore, to log in to your virtual PBX or call center software you will have no SIP protocol restrictions and simply need a username and password that Fonvirtual will provide you to access all calls.


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