How to Be the Best Call Center Operator

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Aug 07


Being a call center operator is a big responsibility. Call center operators are constantly in contact with multiple people with different needs and issues. People also want their issues resolved immediately. This can be stressful for operators if calls are not properly managed.

Because of this, choosing the right people to become a call center operator is a rigorous and highly selective process. Additionally, to become a call center operator you must go through training to help you better understand people. Training also involves understanding different means to communicate.


What does it take to be an excellent Call Center operator?


Many companies know the importance of having well-trained staff who are responsible for serving the consumer. They understand that they are representing the company.


That is why organizations invest so much time and money in getting the best call center software. They know that it is in their hands to maintain the clientele and meet the needs of hundreds of people.


Among these characteristics, a call center operator must have:

  • Patience to work with clients who may be confused, overwhelmed or upset. When a customer calls, their issue is the most critical thing to focus on at that time.
  • Exceptional listening skills. When customers call, they often provide too much information. Agents must filter the information to focus on what is important to solve the issue.
  • Strong problem solving skills. When a customer calls, they can explain the characteristics of a problem, and it is up to the agent to determine the root cause of the problem.
  • Good diction and excellent ability to handle difficult situations.
  • Empathy. In order to provide exceptional customer service, you should definitely be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers.
  • Know perfectly each key point of the service you are providing and / or the product you are representing.
  • Stay calm at all times and have the ability to transmit it at all times.


call center operator


Communication techniques for call center operators


The communication techniques that a call center operator must use are almost the same as those used for customer service in person. However, some additional techniques must be used to make the communication process effective.


Knowing how to listen


One of the keys to offering an excellent service is precisely knowing how to listen. You have to pay attention to every word that the customer says during the call. Ask specific questions so that the person on the other side knows you are listening.

Never interrupt the client while talking.


Pause during your explanations. This allows the client to feel that that they should speak. They can now ask questions or tell you more about their needs.

The call center operator must always speak with a pleasant, passive and patient tone. You want to sound calm in order to understand the problem. Then, pauses must be made in order to transmit the information necessary. From time to time, ask questions to see if the client captures this information.


The operator has to find a way to get the client to relax. They also need to try to solve the problem immediately. This can be done by listening and analyzing the problem in order to offer solutions.

5 Tips for effective communication

  1. Prepare for the call. Who are we going to talk to? Who has called us before?
  2. Speak as clearly as possible. Give clear and concise answers and explanations.
  3. Polite and friendly tone of voice. They are not your friend, but strangers. Show them your trust.
  4. Always listen carefully. You don’t want to miss any important details they may tell you.
  5. If you don’t understand something, ask. This is the best way to understand the customers better.


In Fonvirtual, we strive to improve the quality of services we provide to our customers. Therefore, we believe that our call center operator tips can offer you all the information you might need and any questions you may have in the future.

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