What is phone prospecting in the Call center outsourcing?

The phone prospecting, also known as the commercial phone survey, regroup the complex of marketing actions used to gain new perspectives through the phone call. These calls can be made directly by sales executives of the company which launches the campaign, or as well by a call center outsourcing. In the second case, the responsible ones of making calls are expert agents who are professionals in phone prospecting.


How to make a successful phone prospecting campaign with the Call center outsourcing?

Before launching the phone prospecting campaign, it is important to define well the target audience and make segmentation of our clients with the purpose of meeting better the possible prospects’ expectations, adapting the product offering to the defined profile. If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” (Séneca)


At the moment of picking up the phone, the people who will make the calls should follow these small tips:

  • Inform yourself about the potential clients you are going to call. When it concerns a company, this task is easy. A quick look at the corporate website will give you a good image and will allow you to call knowing well your purpose. This way you will know in advance what your potential clients have, and what could they need.
  • Introduce yourself talking slowly and clearly, so the people you are calling will not feel as you were attacking them. You should try to create a psychological link of trust by using a pleasant tone of voice and a proper choice of vocabulary.
  • Use present tenses; these are tenses you should use in sales, and talk with simple and meaningful language so the person you are calling, can understand the reason for the call within seconds.
  • Respect the contact person’s time and explain the reason for the call at the beginning so you will not waste time mutually.
  • Try to create a dialog to be able to measure the interest of the person you are calling. A good sale executive will quickly notice if the person seems to be interested in the product or not. And if the person is interested, you will need to listen with attention to lead the conversation into your side, and demonstrate that you can meet his or her needs.
  • Raise interest and make people want to know more about your company and your activity, create necessities about which they might not have thought. Here is where asserting your knowledge and the survey about your products or services, and adding value to your offer are important.
  • Use powerful tools in order to offer the maximum quality of treatment and call.

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The use of WebRTC for a high-quality phone prospecting

Everyone knows that the quality of the call is really important. With the aim of being efficient, the person who makes the call should be an expert in the content of the speech, but also should count on high-quality tools. Thanks to the new WebRTC technology it is possible to make calls from any device connected to the Internet. The agents can stay at home, be in the office, in the hotel room while traveling, or in the co-working center, and they will be able to call the potential clients easily without any problem.

If you prefer to entrust your phone prospecting campaign to a call center outsourcing, this should dispose of the best tool in order to conduct it successfully. The Fonvirtual´s call center software offers multiple functionalities for agents with the use of the new WebRTC technology. The agents will be identified according to their capabilities and abilities. The supervisor will be able to control in real-time all the calls made by agents, interrupt them, help them, or even recover the ongoing call if necessary.

The outbound call center calls statistics, with the corresponding call records, will allow your company to measure the campaign results, listen to important conversations again, and consequently recover some clients who, during the first contact, have not needed your product or service yet.

Do not entrust your campaigns to anyone and in any way. Use the call center outsourcing technology with the WebRTC technology to gain the best results during your phone prospecting campaign. Make your telephone service more professional! You can contact us and we will advise you.

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