Every time is more and more difficult to find new clients, so it means, it is really important to take care of those we already have. One of the ways to do it is to be always available for our clients. When they are calling us, it is an amazing opportunity to show that we are not some kind of business robot whose only goal is to make money and more money. We can show our human site, so our clients could feel a stronger relationship with us. For that reasons, choosing an appropriate call center phone systems is that important, because let’s be realistic, we cannot go to drink a coffee with each one of our clients, but what we can is to deliver them the best customer support experience.


What is the call center phone system?

When you start creating your own call center software you must know that you will not only need agents and managers to make it work correctly but also a technology that will make it possible. We are talking about call center phone systems. It is all about diverse processes that facilitate call center software functions. Choosing the one between many call center phone systems might be the most important decision we make. You should know that the technological revolution has also come over to the world of telephony. Traditional call center softwares with complicated infrastructure and numerous cubicles in the office are the past. Nowadays, the most effective call center phone systems are based on cloud technology which allows complete mobility, reduce the costs and offer a lot of features the traditional one could only dream about.


Benefits of virtual call center phone systems


call center phone systems


At Fonvirtual we provide you the best service possible, so the only thing you have to worry about is to attend to your client and we will give you all the tools you need to do it in the most effective way. We present you what advantages will you have if you decide to work with our call center online.

  • Innovation. In order to provide the best contact center technology, we count on the latest telephony technology, WebRTC. An open-source project developed by Google that allows to make and receive phone calls to landlines, mobiles or IP phones by using a web browser or a mobile app with a full HD quality.
  • Costs reduction. Unlike in the case of providers that do not count on WebRTC, we will not obligate you to make any additional investment. You will neither need to buy any equipment nor to install any hardware. You can easily use your cell phone, your tablet or even your PC. This technology also helps you to reduce your data consumption and allows us to offer you really competitive prices.
  • Efficiency. We will help you to work in a much more effective way. With our IVR Call Center feature when your clients call you they can choose the options that suit them most. By pressing a corresponding key they could choose different departments or languages. Later they will be sent to a call queuing with a music on hold waiting for an agent to answer the phone. And finally, thanks to ACD Call Center (Automatic Call Distribution) the client will be served by the most indicated person, since this technology distributes the phone calls in an intelligent and automatic way, basing on the agents’ skills and customers’ needs.
  • Mobility. You do not have to be stuck at the office anymore. With the cloud-based call center phone system, you can work from wherever you want, since you can make and receive phone calls from your cell, tablet, and PC. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.
  • Monitoring. The supervisor will have a complete control over the phone calls. He or she will have access to an intuitive interface where will find every important information, can listen to the calls on live, will have access to call recording and transcriptions, and will have all statistics related to the calls.
  • Quality. The WebRTC offers the best voice quality possible. It will adjust to the Internet connection you dispose of, so you can enjoy the HD quality even if your connection is bad. No more interruptions, robotic voices or delays.

At Fonvirtual we care about our clients and our main goal is to provide them with the best call center phone systems possible. Check out on our website what other advantages we can offer you and ask us for our plans.