Tips for remote call center quality monitoring

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Nov 25

Monitoring the quality of the call center is essential for the proper functioning of your call center. Here are some very useful tips.


It is very important that your agents are well trained and can offer the satisfaction that the client needs. Likewise, it is essential to know what the customer thinks about our service, and how do we communicate, so that we can know what our problems are and identify the possible solutions.

Some tips for call center quality monitoring:

  • Call recording

It is quite useful for call center monitoring. Thanks to this function, we have the possibility of controlling the attention that our clients are receiving, and how our agents are acting by listening to these call recordings.


  • Opinion of our clients.

In this case, it is essential to know how our clients evaluate the service we are giving them. To do this, the easiest, fastest and most comfortable thing for the client is to carry out a satisfaction survey. Typically, this form of call center quality monitoring is done after a call. Our agents will indicate to the client that at the end of the call they will be able to evaluate the attention received, and they will transfer the call to an option menu that will allow them, through their keyboard, to evaluate the attention.


  • Agents’ control.

A relevant tip for call center quality monitoring is to attack the failures that are made by the agents and that decrease both the quality of the call and customer satisfaction. Ideally, you should notify the agent of the failure and show them how to fix it, and be able to follow up the agent to verify that they have understood the problem. This will be possible thanks to schedule control tools, interaction reports and geolocation.


  • Assignment of a supervisor

Including a supervisor profile that has the ability to listen to calls, intervene only with the agent or join the call will be one of the most effective ways to have complete monitoring of the agents. Moreover, you can also log in and out your agents depending on your real time needs. This will be translated into a higher quality of reception and distribution of calls in the call center.

  • Motivation

To increase even more quality we need a commitment from the agents. They must have a motivation that makes them add real value to calls. A good option is to make positive and personal feedback.


  • Statistics

Finally, a good advice to carry out a call center quality monitoring is to always be aware of what mistakes we make, and how we can improve. For this, it is a very good option for your call center to have the statistics function. Thus, we can evaluate all missed calls, average waiting times, abandoned calls, by service, by agent, etc.


Metrics that help you monitoring your call center

We will talk now about some metrics that we can use for call center quality monitoring:


  • FCR or first call resolution. This indicator is the one that is most related to customer satisfaction. A higher percentage of the resolution rate on the first call will have a very positive impact on customer satisfaction.


  • That the TMC is as close to the TMO as possible. TMO is the ideal average time that the company considers for an agent’s calls. On the other hand, TMC is the average real talk time that the agent has.


  • Another metric is the level of service. To calculate call center service level, the quotient of the calls answered before X seconds between the total calls received is made. And it can be expressed as the % of calls answered by agents within X seconds.


  • Response time. This indicator refers to the time the customer waits to be served.


  • An indicator that is closely linked to the previous one is the abandonment rate and refers to the percentage of unanswered calls.


These indicators are essential to carry out a call center quality monitoring. Knowing the data regarding your call center and being able to intervene is essential to obtain a quality service. To do this, apart from following the advice we have raised, we can use tools so that the indicators we have talked about are as favorable as possible, such as Google Data Studio.


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