Traditionally,a  call center service is essentially considered to be very expensive. Customers are frustrated by having to repeat the same information all the time. Also, agents have problems with the different systems used.

Today, thanks to Call Center service based on customer relationship management (CRM), you can enjoy an intelligent and fluid channel of communication that allows companies to connect with their customers easily.


What is a CRM?


Customer relationship management, also called CRM, is a technique that puts the customer at the center of the company’s strategy. This technique gives value to the role and importance that the client has to impact on the growth and performance of the company. The CRM consists of a set of tools dedicated to processing and analyzing information concerning current and potential customers, in order to build customer loyalty.

It is not only a prospecting technique, but also computer tools that serve to strengthen the management of the relationship with the customer. They are, therefore, software that treats customers in a personalized way, through a justified follow-up, to provide adequate service to customers.


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The advantages of CRM for a call center service


The CRM call center service is a solution that is given thanks to a software. Its objective is to help each agent of the call center, allowing them to access the information related to the history of the clients. Generally, it is a computer program that is integrated into the existing telephony. Thanks to this software it is possible to manage a greater number of calls and, at the same time, reduce the number of badly managed calls.

Its main function is to prevent customers from waiting too long and not having to talk to many agents before they can be properly served. With the use of the Call Center software, the contact with the client can be made as fast as possible.

All these advantages can be made possible thanks to this software. This is an important element to take into account if a company is looking for better solutions in the field of call center services, since the CRM call center services can offer multiple advantages to companies.


The importance of implementing a CRM in your call center service


The CRM offers you the possibility of having a database of your customers. This allows you to have a clear and constant view of your current and future customers. The aim is to ensure a personalised follow-up, offering the best quality/service ratio.

One of the most important advantages of this software is that each call center service can gather all the necessary data from your customers. This is the most important value for the company. In addition, this tool is made with the intention of having an increased level of automation and a reduction in expenses. This also contributes to an improvement in customer service. An improvement in productivity and efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Managing the relationship with the customer will increase customer satisfaction and you will be more efficient in the business process. This provides a better quality in the service of each call, offering the customer greater proximity, an essential element for any company. An effective management allows to establish for each client some services and personalized information depending on their priorities and preferences.

Especially, if you want to increase the success of your company, expand the market and attract new customers, it is important to take into account the management of customer relations. It is fundamental to stand out positively in this aspect with respect to your competition, in order to respond in a more efficient way to the demands of the market and especially to those of your clients.

With Fonvirtual you will be able to provide your company with the best solutions in telephony. You will have the opportunity to dynamize your marketing strategy through the identification and segmentation of your contacts. This will contribute to increase the performance of your call center service. Thanks to the use of this technology, you will be able to evolve and transcend the level of your sales already made through the use of well-founded marketing campaigns. The CRM will thus promote relationship marketing instead of the transactional previously used.

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