Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are found throughout the national territory; they are always looking for ways to expand into more provinces or even abroad. One of the best ways to do this is through customer service, and a call center software for small business is a great tool.

The customer service department tries to encourage these SMEs to pay special attention to the users, as these are the most important things; and if they are not given a good call answering service, these companies will obtain negative results.

Nowadays, many of the companies obtain telemarketing services, but with systems that are increasingly obsolete or require high installation costs. For that reason appears, the call center software for small business, which allows you to make calls via the network, from any place where the company’s partners are located.

This is an innovative service whose system is based on WebRTC technology. This service is carried out via the Internet, which allows you to make or receive calls from any mobile device, tablet, and even from your computer.


Benefits of call center software for small businesses


call center software for small business


Many small businesses are made up of one or several partners, and by being small they cannot afford the cost of a secretarial service, for this reason, these companies contract the call center software service; the facilities of this type of service will be able to receive all types of calls at an affordable price.

These calls can be received through the call center software for small business, with the possibility of management by any call center agent of the company, thus showing a very personalized service.

What is this service for? The main objective of this type of company is not to lose any client, for this reason, the clients have to be taken care of correctly at all times. One of the positive points that impress the clients of the companies is the personalized treatment by the same owners of the companies, which attend these calls themselves, this shows the commitment between the company and the client.

Our call answering system differs from the rest because we have the possibility of managing calls according to the skills of the different agents of the company’s call center software for small business. Thus, the client will be attended by the most suitable agent to solve his question.

Another way to achieve this objective is to offer the customer the possibility of receiving and making calls abroad by showing a number from another country.

In addition, the call center software for small business has numerous features, including call recording, in which case the company would have the possibility of recording the conversations of outgoing or incoming calls that the company chooses. In this way, relevant information can be obtained from customers in order to improve relations in the future.

Another of its functionalities is the statistics of the made or received calls, this includes its duration, the times they have been made and many more tools, with this it is achieved that companies know which customers have made the calls and who the potential customers could be.

Fonvirtual‘s objective is to offer services, such as the call center software for small business, that improve customer service and facilitate the management of other companies. In this way, the benefits you get with these services is to expand the customer base.

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