In a world of technological and commercial turmoil, everyone wants to sell. All types of companies, regardless of their size, strive to position themselves in e-commerce. A Call Center support tool can be greatly help improve your customer service.

What is a Call Center Software?


A Call Center Software consists of using international virtual numbers. It diverts calls to a variety of fixed or mobile numbers. It can be opened up through a web browser or app to take multiple calls at once by multiple agents.


In addition to allowing virtual phone numbers to receive regular phone calls, Call Center support expands customer service options. It can be used and adapted based on your company’s size. You may also change configurations at any moment.


Call Center support can contain options menu for your callers. It will allow your callers to be sent to the right agent each time.


You may now redirect not just one, but several phone calls in case one agent cannot answer all of the calls themself. This gives the caller a higher chance of being spoken to, and by the right person. You may even schedule how calls are received based on your office hours.


call center support


Call cost with Call Center Support


When activating a call from a landline to a Call Center Software, the full cost of an international call will be paid. If you activate a call from a cell phone the cost will be much higher since these types of calls are not included in flat rate plans.


A company may use a specific phone line, but it is the customer who would need to cancel a call according to the minutes they would like to spend on the call.

Benefits of Call Center Support in the Business World


Call Center support has allowed companies become more available to clients from all types of corporate backgrounds.


The versatility of the configuration process allows you to offer the best customer service options without losing your company image. You can customize navigation menus, choose specific music for when customers are on hold, and multiple greetings so the customer knows who they are calling and what options they have next.


The diversion of calls to one or several telephone numbers significantly decreases the chances that a customer won’t be answered. This allows a company to change their marketing strategies and focus on how to attend to their customers at a much more personal level.


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